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New York High School First in Nation to Conduct Final Exams Exclusively on iPads

St. Joseph by-the-Sea Students Use ExamSoft in Conjunction With Student iPads to Enhance Seamless Online Learning Environment

Staten Island-based St. Joseph by-the-Sea High School students finished their last round of final exams this week, all without needing a pen or single piece of paper. Building on its Seamless Online Learning Environment launched last year, the high school most recently partnered with ExamSoft Worldwide to administer six of its final exams exclusively on student iPads. This move, according to ExamSoft Officials, marks the first of its kind in the country.

“Sea has an innovative program, they see technology in the classroom as not only an aide to help teachers in the learning environment but also as an opportunity to help acclimate students as they prepare for college,” said Daniel Muzquiz, CEO of ExamSoft Worldwide, Inc. “We share Sea’s passion and are dedicated to helping teachers engage and connect with students. Our entire software platform, including our iPad testing software, provides teachers and students unprecedented access to learning outcomes data after every quiz and exam.”

The software enables students to easily take exams on their iPad in a secure, offline testing environment eliminating the need and risks associated with remaining connected to the Internet during the exam. In addition, after each exam students and faculty have access to detailed personalized performance reports, which break down a student’s performance by learning outcome. These performance reports help student’s self-remediate, while providing teachers a better understanding of what students are actually learning during class.

“This partnership with ExamSoft is the last piece in our Seamless Online Learning Environment,” said Father Michael P. Reilly, Principal of St. Joseph by-the-Sea. “This is how they will learn when they enter college, and that is our job here at Sea, to provide them with all the competitive advantages necessary to succeed in college.”

Sea launched what it calls its ‘Seamless Online Learning Environment’ early last year. It consists of the Blackboard Learn online platform, Smart Classrooms, and the use of iPads as opposed to notebooks, textbooks, pens and pencils. The high school was also the first in the region to deploy Blackboard Learn along with iPad’s for its students.

“Testing on the iPad was more organized and easier than taking a test on paper believe it or not,” said Brandon Prato, currently a Junior and next year’s St. Joseph by the Sea Student Body President. “The tests go faster, and rather than handing in a ton of papers when you’re finished you just hit submit and you’re done.”

When school is back in session this September all students will receive an iPad and access to Blackboard Learn as well as ExamSoft, marking the full integration of digital learning at St. Joseph by-the-Sea.

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