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Intrepid Learning Delivers Addictive “MOOC on Corporate MOOCs” on Intrepid MOOC Platform

An official celebration of the launch of Intrepid Learning's first-ever "MOOC on Corporate MOOCs", a content marketing MOOC run on the Intrepid Corporate MOOC platform.

Intrepid Learning is proud to announce the successful launch of its first-ever “MOOC on Corporate MOOCs." The three-week course concluded on July 7, 2014, attracting over 1500 registrants from a diverse range of corporations.

The MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) addressed the business case for corporate MOOCs—such as thought leadership and customer education at scale, talent acquisition, sales and partner enablement, leadership development, and more. The curriculum included case studies of successful corporate MOOC launches and group discussions on how MOOCs can address the business and learning challenges of today's fast-paced organizations. The course also discussed how content for a corporate MOOC is created and curated.

The MOOC was delivered on Intrepid Learning’s proprietary "mobile first" MOOC platform. The platform features a responsive user interface that functions seamlessly on any device. Intrepid's course moderators used the platform to curate videos, documents, links, discussions, assignments, and learner-generated content. The result was an engaging experience custom-made for corporate learners.

“It has been a pleasure to host an innovative learning experience that engaged the learning and development community on the exciting possibilities corporate MOOCs offer to solve real business challenges," said Sam Herring, Intrepid Learning’s co-Founder and CEO. "We approached this project as an opportunity to share what we have learned as corporate MOOC pioneers—and equally, to learn from our participant community. Through our MOOC, we demonstrated the incredible value of the medium to deeply engage with customers and prospects. What we learned is that the corporate MOOC framework has the potential to solve many business challenges through a next-generation, collaborative blended learning experience that scales."

The MOOC featured guest videos and insights from leading learning experts including Ernie Kahane (EMC), Kevin Oakes (i4CP), Elliott Masie (The Masie Consortium), Sean Stowers (Pearson Education), Ludo Fourrage (Microsoft), Susan Bainbridge (Athabasca University), Kelly Palmer (LinkedIn), and Robert Todd (?WhatIf!).

Learners responded positively to the platform, the content, and the community-based learning tools. Learner feedback allowed course moderators to crowd-source key insights and adapt the course in real time to the needs of the learners. The course succeeded in creating a community of early adopters who could spread the message of corporate MOOCs to their stakeholders.

Some learners even found the platform “addictive.”

“What I like most about Intrepid's MOOC is how effective an online course can be created for a large audience using sound adult learning principles with a relatively low budget," said Dirk Tussing of Executive Learning Exchange. "The learning platform worked well on my mobile, tablet, and laptop, which was helpful in providing access anytime, anywhere, given my travel schedule."

“I am NOT a gamer, but I felt like one when I was completing the MOOC. So different than your typical eLearning,” observed Pam Davidson, human resources training and development manager for UPS.

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