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Mastery Technologies Announces New FlexSeat™ Subscriptions to Transform eLearning Licensing

Mastery Technologies has created a new licensing method for eLearning, based on a pricing structure centered on usage, while still offering organizations predictable costs and access to huge training libraries.

Mastery Technologies has transformed the way they license eLearning to organizations with the announcement of the new FlexSeat™ Subscription. After analyzing old licensing methods, Mastery determined they needed to create a licensing method better matched to what customers want. This meant creating a pricing structure based on usage, while still offering organizations predictable costs and access to huge training libraries.

“Imagine your cable company calls you up and says even though you subscribe to over 500 channels we are going to reduce your bill because you only watched a few channels this month,” proposed Kirk Berry, Vice President of Sales at Mastery Technologies. “That would be pretty exciting, and we feel FlexSeat™ Subscriptions offer an equivalent to that for organizations using eLearning.”

Organizations purchasing a FlexSeat™ Subscription gain access to a giant library of high-quality video content. Better yet, all of the courses available play on all desktops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, allowing employees to train anywhere, any time. The video-based content is more engaging than non-video eLearning, meaning organizations will see overall usage increase, as employees gain more from the training.

Courses are available to train on health and safety, HR compliance, communication skills, PC skills, leadership, customer service, team building, and management and supervision. Mastery’s library offers a wide selection of topics, and enough depth in the catalog to give you flexibility to swap titles on the same topic year to year.

Mastery’s courses are published on the Video On Demand (VOD3) standardized platform. This provides continuity in user experience from one course to the next.

All VOD3 courses play on all devices and browsers, giving users the ultimate flexibility in when and where they can access their training assignments.

You can visit or call 800-258-3837 to find out if a FlexSeat™. Subscription fits your organizations eLearning needs.

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Mastery Technologies established the e-learning industry’s first Training Content Network. Mastery partners with leading video content providers to co-produce the largest, standardized, workplace e-learning resource library available. Mastery goes beyond connecting customers with content, by pro-actively supporting both customers and content partners. In this way Mastery fulfills its mission of helping build more successful, effective and amazing organizations.

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