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OSHA Increases Emphasis on Workplace Hazards Training; Succeed Management Solutions, LLC Creates Automated Training Solutions to Improve Safety and Compliance

Succeed develops e-learning training courses to assist organizations seeking alternatives to instructor-led training.

"Workers, whether employed directly by the company or as a temporary worker, require proper training on workplace hazards,” explained Kelly C. Knighton, OSHA's area director in San Antonio. This statement was made in response to a recent citation issued by OSHA to a San Antonio food processor. The company failed to address hazardous conditions, such as high noise levels and chemical hazards.

The organization also neglected to train employees on “controlling hazardous energy, [therefore] exposing them to serious amputation hazards.” This company faces fines of up to $135,000 (from OSHA Quicktakes, published 7/1/2014).

OSHA often cites a lack of “proper training,” when issuing citations and assessing the magnitude of the associated fines. They have been known to check training records during workplace visits. OSHA has stated that “safety and health training [is] vital to every workplace.” OSHA also requires specific types of training depending on the position or industry (from Safety & Health Management Systems eTool, 6/28/2012).

It can be a challenge to ensure that all workers are trained. New hires and temporary workers need to be trained before starting work. And some trainings need to be completed by employees on a regular, periodic basis. Keeping track of which employees have completed training can be a difficult task, and is made more cumbersome when there are hundreds of employees at a company. Hiring costly consultants or instructors to deliver live training can also exacerbate the problem, since all employees need to be present at the same time and in the same location.

According to, more and more companies are utilizing online learning to train employees. Seventy-seven percent of American corporations use online learning, and 72% of the companies surveyed reported that online learning keeps them on top of their industry changes. reports that corporations also save 50-70% when they replace instructor-based training with online training (from Important Statistics about the eLearning Market for 2013, 6/3/2013).

Succeed Management Solutions, LLC offers a learning management system called Training Track™. This application can automate every aspect of the employee training process: from employee scheduling, to sending automatic reminders, to notifying supervisors, to documenting completed training, and even to reporting employee compliance for OSHA or other entities. Training Track also offers access to a comprehensive library of online training titles. Since the training courses are online, employees only need a computer with internet access. This means that employees do not have to take their assigned training at the same time, or in the same location. Several of Succeed’s clients have reported that they have saved thousands of dollars by using Training Track to manage their training program.

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Succeed is the recognized leader in providing web-based Enterprise Risk Management solutions. Thousands of organizations use the Succeed Risk Management Center as a holistic solution to improve their risk management programs, implement web-accessible employee safety training programs, increase efficiencies, and lower the frequency and severity of claims and associated costs.

The Succeed Risk Management Center contains a suite of software applications that help manage claims and OSHA reporting (Incident Track™), behavior-based safety programs (BBS Track™), hazard communication and Safety Data Sheets (SDS Track™), Return to Work Programs (Job Description Track™), employee training (Training Track™), and third party insurance compliance (COI Track®). Succeed also offers support services, such as loading SDSs, creating custom trainings, or loading certificates. More information on Succeed is available on their website:

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