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Lookeen wins Reader's Choice Award

The readers of the US website have voted Lookeen the winner of the Reader's Choice Award for “Best Outlook Add-in 2010”, demonstrating Lookeen's breakthrough as an internationally recognized solution, convincing in its efficiency and application.

This award is an important milestone for Axonic, developer and vendor of the email solution.

“This high-ranking award proves that Lookeen is indispensable to the international market as a professional solution for businesses and private individuals,” commented Martin Welker, CEO of Axonic.

Search quickly, confidently, reliably

The Outlook Add-in Lookeen convinced readers through its excellent performance at an adequate price. “Lookeen finds everything in Outlook,” summed up Heinz Tschabitscher, responsible editor at Lookeen searches Outlook folders, as well as folders on hard disks and servers, for all files that include the desired search term. The clearly arranged representation of all search results, whether they be e-mails, documents, pictures or other files, facilitates easy access and even makes e-mail correspondence more transparent. Lookeen also earns top marks in terms of speed: ”Lookeen not only finds, of course, it also finds fast“, was the opinion of the American website.

The perfect solution

Lookeen 2010 has been especially optimized for corporate clients to make the working lives of their staff easier. But private users profit from this Outlook Add-in as well. Lookeen enables people to better master the flood of e-mails and data files by providing a clear and orderly overview as well as a quick, reliable search. Moreover, installation and operation of the tool are foolproof.

Get a feel for what Lookeen can do for you by downloading this free test version:

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