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Axway MailGate enhances email data leak prevention with digital rights management for attachments

MailGate will now limit recipients’ ability to alter or appropriate attachment information by converting inbound and outbound Microsoft® Office attachments into password-protected, ‘locked’ PDF documents.

To date, email DLP has seen content filtering policies scan and then encrypt, redirect or block sensitive information in outbound emails and attachments. However, there has been no protection of the integrity of this information once beyond an enterprise email gateway. Recipients could print, copy or manipulate Microsoft® Office attachments, increasing potential for the altering of contracts, plagiarism of collateral, or doctoring of compliance reports.

According to Osterman Research, typical business users spend 28 per cent of their day working in email, more than any other enterprise communications tool. Additionally, 29 per cent of emails contain attachments – a large and growing proportion of which are information-rich files in excess of five megabytes.

MailGate’s incorporation of DRM into its best-in-class Policy Engine means senders retain greater control over a document’s integrity, even when sent to partners or customers. PDF documents are protected by 32-byte passwords, established by the sending organisation, which remains solely authorised to make document changes.

With MailGate’s PDF conversion enabled, recipients of a converted, password-protected PDF document will not be able to print, add pages, insert comments or copy and paste content. Additionally, MailGate eliminates metadata from outbound documents such as tracked changes, edits or revision history to ensure only desired information reaches recipients.

“With attachments growing in size and importance, Axway continues to innovate with respect to email data protection,” said Joe Fisher, senior vice president of product and solutions marketing at Axway. “Axway is the first mover on bringing DRM to email data leak prevention. This means enterprises can rest a bit easier knowing their most sensitive information that must be shared will be much harder to tamper with or illegally appropriate.”

In addition to enhancing the data leak prevention capabilities, MailGate has also made multiple enhancements to further improve product usability and performance in areas like improved user reports, message data logging and end-user graphical interface functionality.



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