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Scinaptic launches OnePlaceMail Release 5

Sydney, March 3, 2011 – Scinaptic has announced the launch of Release 5 of its OnePlaceMail solution.

OnePlaceMail Release 5 is an advanced Microsoft Outlook/Office solution that drives user adoption of SharePoint as the enterprise information management platform by seamlessly connecting desktop applications to SharePoint.

James Fox, director, Scinaptic Communications, said, “Many organisations have an established business process for creating new SharePoint sites or archiving existing sites and libraries in relation to business activities like starting new projects or closing projects.

“The issue today is that SharePoint user adoption is often not realised across the organisation due to the change required in user behavior when creating, saving or accessing content.

“The extra steps users have to take impacts how well SharePoint is used across an entire organisation.  The next big step to drive SharePoint adoption organisation-wide is to embed SharePoint filing locations within desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook, File Explorer and Microsoft Office.  That’s exactly what OnePlaceMail Release 5 does.

“OnePlaceMail Release 5 connects the desktop environment and applications that end users use every day to SharePoint – almost without them realising it.  That’s why using OnePlaceMail Release 5 drives SharePoint adoption.  It doesn’t create a new process or learning barrier that users need to get used to – it just works,” James Fox said.

OnePlaceMail Release 5 enables SharePoint Libraries and folder locations to be pushed out to desktop applications such as Microsoft Outlook. OnePlaceMail provides a Web Service in SharePoint to enable the systematic creation and easy deployment of SharePoint filing locations to desktop applications.

The personalised locations for each user can be driven by business rules and information available in SharePoint, Active Directory or other external systems.

OnePlaceMail Release 5 builds on previous versions and lets users:

* Drag and drop existing emails, email attachments or send and file emails directly to SharePoint.

* Classify content according to the SharePoint Terms and Taxonomy store.  Using a full type-ahead capability from desktop applications for streamlined classification of information.

* View the existing SharePoint items within the selected SharePoint location (library/folder).

* Copy metadata from an existing item in SharePoint to streamline data entry, with email attributes being captured automatically.

James Fox said, “Ultimately OnePlaceMail Release 5 extends the power of SharePoint to the desktop and seamlessly connects Outlook and Microsoft Office to help customers improve their overall return on investment from these technologies.”

OnePlaceMail Release 5 is available via download from

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