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New Zealand’s largest Microsoft business solutions provider integrates Scinaptic’s OnePlaceMail into its EDRMS

Intergen, New Zealand’s largest Microsoft business solutions provider, has partnered with Scinaptic to deliver OnePlaceMail for seamless email management capabilities to SharePoint.

OnePlaceMail delivers a critical element of the Electronic and Document and Records Management System (EDRMS) provided by Intergen.

Scinaptic’s OnePlaceMail Release 5 is an advanced Microsoft Office/Outlook to SharePoint solution that drives user adoption of SharePoint as the default enterprise information management platform by seamlessly connecting desktop applications to SharePoint.

It makes the capture and storage of Microsoft documents and emails into SharePoint a native, one-step process which improves compliance and information management across the organisation.  It is particularly well suited to document intensive environments where email is historically used as an unstructured and unmanaged document storage and workflow management tool.

James Fox, director, Scinaptic Communications, said, “OnePlaceMail is the secret ingredient for user adoption of solutions built on the SharePoint platform.  Intergen is delivering this as part of its EDRMS strategy.

“OnePlaceMail Release 5 connects the desktop environment and applications that end users use every day to SharePoint – almost without them realising it.  That’s why using OnePlaceMail Release 5 drives SharePoint adoption.  It doesn’t create a new process or learning barrier that users need to get used to – it just works.

“Scinaptic is always looking for new avenues to deliver the benefits of OnePlaceMail to businesses and partnering with Intergen was a logical step in this process.  Our solution is very well suited for the services delivered by Intergen,” he said.

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