AI drastically cuts required trials for Polymer Design

Showa Denko (SDK), National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), and Research Association of High-Throughput Design and Development for Advanced Functional Materials (ADMAT) have found that the number of trials for the design of polymers with desired properties can be cut to about one-fortieth by utilizing artificial intelligence (AI).

Review of top VR development companies in 2018

ThinkMobiles is out with another new edition of the Top Virtual Reality Development Companies in 2018 that have created a buzz in the market with their VR solutions and applications. November 25, 2018

Artificial Neural Networks. Beginners guide

Recent years were really signalized by the rise of the artificial intelligence, which is now proven to be the most monumental technology on the market. Not only computers are learning more and learning faster, but also we learn more about how these computers work.

Welcome to the future of work

The $3 trillion services market hovers on the cusp of disruption as organisations worldwide begin to transform the way they work forever.