Is AI and Machine learning impacting Enterprise Mobility?


In 2019, Many companies are moving towards artificial intelligence development or AI Solution for better development. With these technological progresses, the question is whether enterprise mobility solutions will be left behind.

In this rapidly digitized world, what it means to be digitized is an everchanging term. Everything in our world today is dynamic, always already moving.

In these times of technological advancement and innovation, things are growing obsolete far quicker. We moved from flip phone to iPhone pretty quick.

It is only a matter of time before every single thing around us is technologically is driven. In fact, we are almost there.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the talk of the times. In 2019, more and more companies are moving towards artificial intelligence development.

With these technological progresses, the question is whether enterprise mobility solutions will be left behind.

What is AI

Artificial intelligence at a basic level is a field of computer science that specializes in making thinking machines. That is, machines that are capable of reacting to data on their own like humans.

Some key features of artificial intelligence are problem solving, speech recognition, learning from past data, and planning. This ability to analyse data and come up with a plan of action, and act on it, is new in the technological world.

For a long time, the ability to think was purely restricted to humans. However, the great minds of humanity have devised how to allow a machine to perform similar basic level thinking tasks.

Knowledge engineering is a foundational part of artificial intelligence development. If you provide artificial intelligence with access to all the databases, properties, objects, etc, it can make a plan and act on it.

This is why developers often say that artificial intelligence is only as strong as its data.

What is Machine Learning

Machine learning is a kind of subset of artificial intelligence. It is the application of artificial intelligence which allows machines to learn and plan without any direct programming.

Machine learning can be both supervised and unsupervised. The degree of programming varies but that does not change the fact that the machine is learning from existing patterns in order to form its own.

What is Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility management is a software that allows users to securely use devices and applications on mobiles. Essentially it manages security services, and enables productivity of devices and applications that can be used on mobiles.

Now we understand what artificial development, machine learning and enterprise mobility services are. Let us now address the question of the hour and examine the relationship of the first two with the third.

Is AI and Machine learning impacting Enterprise Mobility

One of the primary appeals of Enterprise mobility was the ability to work remotely. Employees could be wherever but still work and be productive.

This method resulted in greater productive efficiency. Employees ended up putting in more hours and being more accurate with their work.

All without having to be tied down to a single location. The application of artificial intelligence in this field promises to further hike up productivity.

With artificial intelligence efficiency is only likely to improve.

The implementation of artificial intelligence in lieu of or conjunction with enterprise mobility solutions will lead to many changes. There will be changes in the operation and structure of organisations in order to accommodate for this technological advancement.

The company is likely to undergo massive restructuring. In fields of device management, user experience, security, and applications, the changes will be especially felt.

With the adoption of artificial intelligence, security settings will also need revamping. With any technological progress, security and privacy become all the more important.

Ensuring the security of data is of paramount importance to any company.

Through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, the employees too will be benefited. A mobile app company with a diverse employee base can use machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand their employees.

Through better understanding of their employees, companies can create the best possible work environment. With an environment that is conducive to work, productivity and efficiency will be further enhanced.

Operational processes will necessarily be vastly improved.

Security measures and artificial intelligence

One of the primary concerns n any company is security. Especially in these times when our privacy is under attack, securing our data has become crucial.

It is important that we know how are data is being used and by whom. We need to be aware of how far is our data really our own.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning could also be used in order to enhance a company’s cyber security. These technologies provide various advantages in the sphere of security.

In order to deal with identify and analyse risks, several IT vendors help companies with detecting ML-based threats.

Dealing with cyber attacks would also become easier using machine learning. With machine learning the device can pre-empt these attacks and use existing knowledge to counteract them.

Through machine learning the device can learn from an attack and use it to block one the next time. This makes the device far stronger in the faith of future attacks.

Cataloguing and understanding data collected by management tools is also aided. Numerous IT vendors today are using artificial intelligence to make sense of this collected data.

Through user-behaviour analytics, data can be customized according to the habits of users and risks can be minimized. More data from users can also be stored.

Several companies use centralized management for all devices. By having centralized management for all phones, tablets, laptops, etc that enter the building, more user data can be collated.

In this manner, cyber security too can be enhanced due to having more data. More data to work with means that more possibilities can be mapped out and potential threats countered.


One of the primary fears with the rise of artificial intelligence, is that enterprise mobility solutions will become obsolete. People fear that the more the technology is developed, the less will be the space and jobs for humans.

This technology versus man attitude is never a healthy one, and it is also untrue. There will be a few unskilled jobs that will be taken over by machines for efficiency, however more skilled jobs will emerge.

Thus the rise of AI is not going to kill enterprise mobility, but simply integrate with it in order to provide better solutions.

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