How Chabot's will transform the Travel Industry

Today every business and enterprise is expanding like the speed of light with the help of IT services so as Industry like Travel & Tours getting way better in emerging human-like conversation with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence ).

“Over time, the computer itself – whatever its form factor – will be an intelligent assistant helping you through your day. We will move from mobile first to an AI first world”.

- Sundar Pichai


AI helps travel business through Chatbot. Now, 1st let's understand what a Chatbot is?

  • A chatbot is like a personal assistant for humans for responding to their queries and guide them on a specific topic in a real-time manner.
  • A chatbot will provide you the messaging service such as traveller to book a hotel and flight within apps. A few years back even this easy process was too hectic to manage where people have to stand physically in queue for their turn etc. Now this becomes so simple and time-saving as well due to the implementation of AI Chatbot services.
  • A chatbot will help you to make the right choice based on their schedule, budget & other preferences. You will feel refreshed by having a personalized tool and chatbot will empower respective business also.
  • From business prospective chatbots are getting smarter & autonomous by providing right info at the right time to the customer, Today every travel industry required and demanding a platform like Chatbot for their business for having a simple, intelligent tech that delivers a voice-enabled auto-suggestions, error-free support & lives dashboard to review, see the live metrics, share feedback, & etc.

AI provides you two types of Chatbot are as follows:

  1.  Pre-programmed chatbot which is driven by a set of pre-determined answers and by a set of rules. It is based on manual programming for representing a large set of FAQs.
  1.  AI Chatbot is driven by machine learning for understanding commands, languages, & many more things.

Here we are going into the pool of pros regarding Chatbot:

Time & Cost effective:

  • For managing daily queries and FAQ's travel agencies require chatbot because human customer care providing repeated respond to such quires is inefficient.
  • By getting chatbot help as a supporting partner regarding work, human employees can focus on resolving complex issues & can perform other managerial tasks which require human intervention.
  • Thus boosting the increased efficiency & swift response time are helpful not only for customers but for travel service Make an Inquiry about this news providers as well

24\7 Service Provider:

  • A chatbot is ideal for customer-centric business because they can serve as  24/7 customer care service instead of like gone days where humans respond manually to comments and queries in your website, blog or any social media.
  • Why We Love Data? Data = Understanding, as simple as that:
  • From a business point of view, chatbots are a rich source of data for offering insight in to purchase history, customer feedbacks, experience and so on for their consumers.
  • Companies can make substantial changes to their products/services and can introduce new offerings with the help of AI market research for getting qualitative data.
  • This quality data can be used by travel agencies in a number of ways, such as on the base of inputs they can offer personalized recommendations to customers through their chatbot.
  • Chatbot insight is like a boon for businesses because AI-driven analytics can also predict advanced customer behaviour & intent as well.

Customer Engagement:

  • Chatbots will not only provide 24/7 services but also offer the personalization for helping the customers by promoting relationship management.
  • Chatbots are pretty much good at managing relations with human beings and with a great thought of pre-programming, chatbots can change the entire travel experience right from pre-arrival reminders to suggesting transport facilities at the destination and so on.
  • Customers can get responses as fast as possible because time spent on hold waiting for inquiries to be answered is reduced.
  • Chatbots are also enabled with natural language processes and programmed well to understand vague queries. Chatbots can even find out triggering words from the query and use them to carry out customer's search as being their personal helper.
  • Guess what's most exciting is that chatbot is multilingual in case if you reach a diverse market. Chatbot also sends out a feedback form to customers as post-trip for helping you back with the valuable information for improving customer travel experience in the future.

An investment in AI pays the best interest:

  • It makes sense for firms to invest in conversational AI services for business development. A solution-oriented chatbot can convert consumers from awareness to conversion, which will result in a healthy revenue generation.
  • The level of automation is raising almost 70-80%. Overall it's clear and helpful that cost-per-chat for a chatbot is potentially one-twentieth of the cost-per-chat for a human employee.

Today, not only the travel industry, but many chatbots which are installed in websites and mobile applications guide the customer's way through.

Chatbot plays a vital role in offering services to the customers even when you are offline or in a tight sleep. It also lowers down the effort in providing the services to its clients efficiently.

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