Topmost trends on tech developments for 2017

2016 is a year which saw huge strides taken by technologies such as Artificial Intelligence(AI) , Augmented Reality(AR) and Virtual Reality(VR). The AI based chatbots are also emerging fast as tech trends in 2017, with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Microsoft Cortana and Siri which are appearing as your virtual personal assistant.

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Topmost Trends on Tech Developments for 2017IDC has released it’s  top IT predictions on tech development for 2017, which states that the global economy is about enter into an era of digital transformation. In 2019, digital transformation initiatives will reach $ 2.2 trillion, 60 % larger than in 2016.

It is predicted by IDC that the technologies of the third platform will be the main drivers of IT spending, 75% of the amount, registering a growth rate of 2X, compared to the market rate.

2016 has been quite a significant year for technology business and saw many of such trending technologies showcased on the annual trade show of CES 2016.

Here are some of the following trends in tech development for 2017 Make an Inquiry about this news:

Vanishing Lines of Device Categories

The lines between the various hardware based tech devices are becoming murkier day by day. In 2017, we will see these lines segregating such devices, becoming even more blurry.

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There will a flux in everything that we see around us, whether that be a wireless connectivity with the accessories of the devices or tech-services that are independent of OS or the bots which are growing at a faster rate, we view changes almost everywhere. Handheld devices with desktop OS will act as interfaces with smart homes/connected cars of the future.

AR/VR Outpacing the Wearables

Hardware based on AR/VR are still in the earlier stages of development. Tech trends such as these are embraced by many, but there is still scope for reduced prices, higher range of software.

There is not much of demand for the wearables Make an Inquiry about this news from the consumers. However, 2017 will bring some more good news in this segment such as the connected earbuds.

Even the smartwatches are on a declining trend. In 2017, the revenue generated by the AR/VR segment is expected to grow more than that of the wearables.

More of Assisted Driving

Autonomous Driving will be one of the critical tech trends in 2017. The startups and the mainstream companies will definitely try hard to quickly get the cars out on the roads, but it is expected not to be rolled out at the same pace, as other consumer products, considering the risks involved.


Assisted driving may be another less critical area which have benefits like car-assisted crash avoidance, automatic braking, which can be utilized better with the artificial-intelligence based software and have higher level of impact in 2017.

Amazon Echo and the Smart Homes

The greatest of all challenges faced by the smart home space is the confusing sets of standards, protocols and platforms which enables multiple products to work together. Amazon Echo has earned itself an important place in the smart homes as Amazon has placed the open-ended Skills platform and the Smart Home Skill API, allowing the smart home devices to work together.

Echo is used to translate between many devices, which were unable to work together, so far.

Among other tech trends in 2017, it is worthwhile to mention the non-gaming applications of AR/VR and subscription-based tech services as Spotify and Netflix emerging as winners over the mobile apps Make an Inquiry about this news.

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