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An Intranet Platform that Measures Collaboration & Employee Engagement - DEEP™

Digital Employee Engagement Platform (DEEP™) is more than a cool corporate alternative for the facebooking, instragramming employee. It goes a step ahead- it measures how well you are able to engage your workforce!

The traditional intranet as we know it is in serious need of re-modeling. Visionaries have embraced the new paradigm that you need to compete with the coolest apps to catch your employee’s attention. Loosing the battle means disengagement – lower productivity, communication gaps, disorientation – all contributing to lower revenues and in some extreme cases attrition.

Imagine your employees hooked on to the intranet, checking the corporate IM the first thing in the morning. The results can be truly scintillating for an organization that wants complete alignment to visions and goals.

DEEP™ is designed to fit this particular void in the intranet space. The design principles are straightforward – Simple, Visual, Current.  Open Source in DNA, it fits snugly into your software ecosystem.

The delivery is SaaS based with per user per month costing. Hosting is supported for both cloud and on-premise deployments. The design is completely responsive and comes equipped with embedded audio/video calling tools leveraging webRTC.

DEEP™ provides a voice to the employee and builds a cohesive group of enthused people.  It also enables managers/decision makers to know what his/her team is working on, how they are feeling about themselves and what their strengths/weaknesses are. This is what DEEP™ brings to you, within ONE platform.  No more multi-systems, no more disengagement.

Measure Employee Engagement!

What sets the product apart is what it can achieve for the policy drivers. It measures the nuances and behaviors of employees to help understand if corporate engagement strategies are truly able to engage employees. HR and employee engagement professionals can get a birds-eye view of engagement across locations, roles, teams, projects, gender and age groups. DEEP™ can help you discover potential leaders in the organization, find hidden talents, seize opportunities to form opinions and measure employee sentiment. With DEEP™, you continue to explore the human facet of reporting. The product can be tweaked to make it more sensitized to employee behavior.

DEEP™ starts at as low as $1 per user per month.

First Impressions matter!

DEEP™ ensures freshness in the way content is laid out– blog streams, latest uploads, fun facts, to-do lists, enGAUGETM meter, trending topics, recognition space - all self-refreshing content that ensures that the employee sees something new yet relevant, on each refresh.

Engagement Analytics

DEEP™ algorithms measure employee contributions, eliciting unforeseen insights into their behavior. All employee activity – Likes, content uploads, profile views, followers tc. is assigned a weight based on its importance and fed into a metric that computes the engagement level of the employee. The final statistic is graded into 3 major categories – Good, Average, Poor. This information can be displayed or hidden from the employee depending upon company discretion. This computation is also performed at a group level – teams, projects, locations - and can be drilled down to the individual level.

Corporate Social Networking

Achieve more focused collaboration of employees and teams. Empower employees to network and engage with others inside and outside of their sphere of influence.  DEEP™ comes equipped with must- have features like blog, comment, like, share, follow, social wall etc. Additional dimensions of social networking include finding other employees with similar traits, skills, likes and much more.  A tightly knit embedded communication tool ensures a quick ping, voice or video call to the person of interest, without having toggle multiple applications/windows.

Team/Project Collaboration Spaces

Very visual and dedicated team workspaces are designated in the system where teams and team tasks are displayed in a consolidated view. Team communication, activities, documents and meetings are pooled together in a single view. Task manager feature helps in creating, assigning, managing and tracking tasks within the teams.

For the CXO level, a dashboard view displays the status of team tasks, meetings and issues. Team level engagement is calculated to zero in on motivated and demotivated teams.


A healthy and happy workforce is more productive, less prone to taking time off work, and have less medical claims cost, which in turn leads to all kinds of good karma.

  • Body (fitness, healthy eating, smoking cessation)
  • Mind (mindfulness meditation, stress management)
  • Food (nutrition, calorie and hydration management)
  • Social (service, volunteerism, group engagement)

DEEP™ pays special attention to this critical and often neglected aspect of employee engagement. 

Appreciation Notes

Nothing motivates an employee more than a word of appreciation. DEEP™ facilitates a culture of positive re-enforcement with a simple appreciation note to individuals and teams. A slim moderation layer ensures that the tool is used fairly.

Crowd Funding

This is a cool feature of DEEP™ which is not widely available on other intranet platforms.  Irrespective of  your organization’s size, it would make tremendous sense to use this feature to crowd fund social causes and thereby create a more pro-active and sensitive workforce that aligns with the company’s CSR goals.

Other features include – Role Based online trainings,Idea management, Lifehacks, Team chats/ Chatrooms, Videos, Appreciation, New joinees, Recent uploads, People search, skill search and much more.

Integrations – JIRA, Google Analytics, Google Calendar, Google messaging Service, Node.JS, Cometchat /IM tools, LDAP/AD – most directory servers, Outlook, Asana, Gmail, Zennut, Social Logins

With good online and phone customer support, DEEP™ unlocks the employee potential and hence improves organizational productivity and collaboration.  DEEP also has iOS and Android app that enables employees to collaborate on-the-go.

With such cool features, flexible integrations, affordable cost, support and technical continuity, Digital Employee Engagement Platform (DEEP™) Make an Inquiry about this news is not just a social intranet platform, it is much more than that with the entire platform built for achieving organizational, HR and employee outcomes and hence it is more goal driven and result-oriented in its approach. It is a system that pays for itself.

For more information:

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