Digital Transformation Trends in 2020 that will drive startups

Digital transformation is the application of modern technologies to processes, products, and assets that enable organizations to improve their business performance and deliver value to customers. A successful digital transformation can empower employees, improve customer engagement, increase revenues, and lead to new business opportunities. For larger enterprises and legacy businesses, digital transformation can often be a major undertaking.

The Transitive Trust Network: How TrustSearch Quantifies Interpersonal Trust

Transitive Trust is a powerful feature integrated into TrustSearch that allows users to assess the trust level between themselves and another individual. Transitive Trust provides users with a weighted, personalized representation of the trust level between themselves and another individual based on their individual preferences, connections, networks, and habits.

Why you should implement digital methods in inspection process

Business after business is moving online and mobile, so why should you? In this article we explore the reasons why an increasing amount of businesses are choosing to implement digital methods in their business and especially in their inspection. Paperless checklists are already currently being used for occupational health and safety (OHS), pre start checks, facility management, asset maintenance, quality assurance, data collection, compliance and CMMS/work order.

How reboot to restore technology stacks up against Windows steady state

The discontinuation of Windows SteadyState led to the search for numerous alternatives, of which Reboot to Restore technology is quite prominent. The ability to instantly restore system functionality in a manner that matches and exceeds the effects of employing Windows SteadyState, explains its overwhelming acceptance