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Pursuing preconfigured, repeatable solutions

The OnBase platform makes it easy for organisations to build exactly what they need. And the custom services approach will continue to be the main way we go to market.

But, there are other ways of providing solutions to our customers – because some customers would rather have our solutions already completed for them without the need to configure anything. There are many people who don’t want to configure solutions – they just want them to work.

That’s fine by us.

We can provide these customers with what they want using preconfigured solutions that create a win/win situation for everyone involved.

3 choices

We offer three types of preconfigured solutions.

You can export solutions like these from one system and import them into many other systems, providing identical solutions or solution components.

There are three choices:

  1. Accelerator

The accelerator is a concept where smaller, preconfigured pieces of a bigger solution are imported into the system. Then, someone with skills for configuring the OnBase solution (such as your OnBase reseller) will manually add in the remaining parts of the solution.

Accelerators are usually part of a bigger, custom solution and typically require some additional services to complete.

  1. Drop-in

An example of a drop-in solution is when a customer sees a demo of OnBase functionality and says, “We want ‘that.’”

While sometimes this is exactly what they want, it may also be the case that they want the solution customized to fit their unique requirements. These solutions range from mostly complete to 100 percent complete.

They also may require additional services to complete, but customers can customize the solutions after being dropped in.

  1. Packaged solutions

We specifically designed packaged solutions so they do not require any custom configuration. They are 100 percent ready to go upon import – customers do not modify source configuration.

These solutions work similar to OnBase modules, as customers can update them to newer versions of the solution as we make them available.

In the evolution of providing value to our customers, an early version of any solution will likely be a custom solution. But as more customers become interested, we may develop ways that help us deploy the solution to these customers more easily and reduce the overall cost.

Solutions that started out as custom may eventually become drop-in or even packaged solutions.

Currently, our preconfigured solutions include:

As we move forward, we will release more preconfigured solutions based on your need to manage information better, faster and more affordably.

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