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New Australian start-up powering entrepreneurial business success

Welcome to Entropolis - the online one-stop shop for entrepreneurs

Entropolis, is a purpose-built online ‘city’ where the entrepreneur community can plug in and get business done. Initially launching in beta mode, with an official launch later this year,the aim is to help entrepreneurs, at every stage of business, create, build and scale their real-world ventures faster with less risk and stress. 

Entropolis is one-stop shop online destination with helpful infrastructure, curation and management systems, and a high quality network of business wisdom, mentors, service providers and other vital resources.

“Think of a functional hybridof LinkedIn, Elance and Quora, built on an open-world platform like Minecraft that delivers real-world business outcomes and you get the idea of what we envisage for our new business,” said CEO Tania Price.

Entropolis solves a chronic problem that entrepreneurs face every day which is the time and risk involved in getting real world help, guidance and support from the best people and products. Entropolis is an online marketplacewhere all of these vital resources will be in one placeand accessible with one login.

The vision for Entropolis is to actively build the population of a two-sided community of seekers and sages. It is the quality of the community, the content and wisdom base that is curated and easily managed that makes Entropolis unique.

“Entrepreneurs don’t have time to waste when building businesses. They need to get things right from the start. They don’t have the money to waste on poor decisions and unqualified opportunists. They need to be able to move fast, be agile and not burdened with pointless ‘fluff’ that diverts their attention and holds them back.”

Ms Price said she aims to make Entropolis a place where the entrepreneur community ‘lives’ online, and wants the citizens to own and shape the future architecture and culture of the platform.

“Entropolis is a borderless, culture and gender inclusive, highly connected and meaningful place, which provides easy access to quality resources and the ability to ‘join the dots’ into a clearer pathway to getting business done.”

“It is a thriving virtual metropolis that is owned, shaped and powered by the entrepreneur community.”

Entropolis is not just another social networking platform or vertical marketplace but a complete online city for entrepreneurs designed to deliver real-world outcomes.

“No matter where you look, from Sydney to Shanghai to Silicon Valley, the spirit of business ingenuity has erupted across the globe. But we cannot deny that being an entrepreneur is hard work and overwhelming,” Ms Price said.

“The hard part about starting any business is knowing what to do – so we’ve taken the guess work out of it. Through Entropolisyou have access to everything you need to drive business success.”

In Entropolis, entrepreneurs can access resources and material such as:

  • Advice about general entrepreneurship
  • Connect with other start ups
  • Access to mentors and advisors
  • Access to concept and strategy advice
  • Advice and help on business operations
  • Education, coaching and training
  • Customer acquisition
  • People
  • Product development
  • Technology
  • Financial, Legal and Compliance
  • Debt, funding and venture capital
  • Succession and Exit 

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