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Vplayed, a global media streaming solution provider launches video on-demand service

Vplayed, a paramount media streaming solution provider has now ventured their fundings into a feature-packed video-on-demand solution.

With video-on-demand platforms taking over the entertainment viewing space, Vplayed has built a readymade on-demand solution that would be a game changer for any business looking to pursue a video on demand website. The solution launched is customizable from any front, making the website builder’s search for their touch of individuality integrated into the solution without any difficulty.

The video on demand solution ( Make an Inquiry about this news ) is adorned with multifaceted features that make live streaming, adding live streamed content to the on-demand library and scheduling the videos to watch later, all to be integrated into a single app. These features can also be given filtered access, integrated with paywalls and be deactivated when desired.

This comes as a delight, considering the fact that the increase incredible video on demand services has spiked in the recent times.

Having a history of being associated with many big names in the entertainment field and branding markets, the product is projected to take off at a skyrocketing pace.

The VOD solution has been developed to accommodate and perform seamlessly on all operating systems in the market such as iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows. Thus, the responsive and adaptable solution has an up and coming future.

The solution can also engine high-quality video formats directly reflecting on the viewer engagement rate.          

In addition to this, there are multiple commendable features embedded in the solution, the most outstanding of them all being the library management system. This plan is centered around pitching in audience reach.

The cross-culture analytic report plan helps the video on demand website builders to inspect and study the user data for every individual video and incorporate the feedback in future streaming. assists in analyzing the attention span of the video, broad morphing tastes, traffic sources and search terms.

The UI interface has also been developed with a keen eye to the overall aesthetics of the viewers with uncompromisable user-friendly, responsive design.

Vplayed’ video on demand service goes a step ahead in an aim to offer a video on demand solution that stimulates monetization returns for its users. They have a detailed 6 step monetization scheme that includes advertisement, subscription, and transactional based services to end listeners.

The cloud storage allows business owners using Vplayed to upload and play unlimited data with zero hindrance. The quality of the video is ensured to stay the same no matter how high the storage increases by aiding the cloud with an infernal bandwidth that attends to a comprehensive viewing demographic.

When asked about the technicalities, Mr.Sriram Manoharan, the CEO of Vplayed, says "video streaming does not limit itself to entertainment and video gaming as most of us presume. Videos, at present, are the content 3/4th of the online population engage the most with.

This makes video branding a colossal marketing medium as the customer influencing factor upsurges with a video graphic medium. Videos also tend to captivate the viewer attention for the longest time span and create the highest impact.

Vplayed dives right into this rift to revolutionize the field of video streaming."

About Vplayed:

            Vplayed is a media streaming solution providing firm that has fended to multiple notable brands on a global level. Based on Chennai, the company vends ideally customized video-on-demand platforms / OTT multi-screen video streaming, live streaming and audio streaming solutions with several monetization options that churn out revenue.  

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