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Vplayed, a global media streaming solution provider launches video on-demand service

Vplayed, a paramount media streaming solution provider has now ventured their fundings into a feature-packed video-on-demand solution.

With video-on-demand platforms taking over the entertainment viewing space, Vplayed has built a readymade on-demand solution that would be a game changer for any business looking to pursue a video on demand website. The solution launched is customizable from any front, making the website builder’s search for their touch of individuality integrated into the solution without any difficulty.

The video on demand solution ( Make an Inquiry about this news ) is adorned with multifaceted features that make live streaming, adding live streamed content to the on-demand library and scheduling the videos to watch later, all to be integrated into a single app. These features can also be given filtered access, integrated with paywalls and be deactivated when desired.