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Enterprise Mobility is the Buzz for 2017

We cannot deny the fact that everyone relies on technology in this modern era, and the path-breaking innovations in the mobile industry have made connectivity very simple. So why don’t organizations opt enterprise mobility? Many organizations are adopting enterprise mobility and they are encouraging employees for the same.

Enterprise Mobility Trends 2017

Organizations find it easy to engage employees with enterprise mobile apps for better productivity. The trend will continue in 2017 with some new and exciting updates. So, what are those changes that will reflect in 2017?

The trend of meeting daily business and office needs using the mobile devices and cloud services is the apt definition for enterprise mobility. For example, an employee can make sales presentation in the office, save it in the cloud service and can show the presentation to a client on his mobile device itself when required.

Organizations will invest more in Enterprise Mobility

The trend of achieving business goals by using apps is already setting in. Many organizations including small businesses are adopting enterprise mobility for streamlining the complex business process. Needless to mention that people spend most of the time using their mobile phones for the micro-moments like chit chatting, shopping with consumer apps, emailing etc.

Organizations are also encouraging their employees to go mobile.

As many organizations have a broad clientele which is based outside of their geographical boundary, enterprise mobility is the solution that organizations have sought. The dependence on mobility helps in effective communication in the following areas:

●        Sales and marketing field activities

●        Real-time customer support

●        Managing the Supply Chain

●        Communication between the employees as well as with clients

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What an organization expects from Enterprise Mobility?

Increases overall productivity

Businesses are realizing that enterprise apps increase overall productivity by streamlining vast work process, hence providing smooth workflow and eliminating work related ordeals. It provides an ease of access to the employee enabling them to deliver urgent assignments remotely.

Revenue growth

Employees can use the mobile devices to good use by showing the organization's updated information and forecasts of the business hence pooling in the prospective client. This will be beneficial to the organization in a long run in getting new business and generate revenue.

Decision Making

As the senior management requires access to crucial organization data at all time, enterprise mobility provides them real-time data which is crucial while taking decisions without any unwanted delays.

Cost Saving

With the introduction of BYOD platforms, mobility has resulted in cost savings for the organization, as it not only saves on infrastructure but also encourages employees to be available while not in the office and contribute to the business.

Major Concerns of Enterprise Mobility

Even though enterprise mobility is looked upon as the major role in improving the organizational processes, employees’ performance, customer service and many key aspects of the modern day business. There are many aspects that are challenging the inclusion of enterprise mobility into the businesses ecosystem. Developing an enterprise mobile app becomes a difficult task, as developers resolve various complications to make an enterprise mobile app class apart from the desktop apps.

Employee adoption

One of the major issues after launching an app that any organization will face is its adoption by the employees. This challenge can be countered by training the employees on how to use the app, so that they can get familiar with the app, helping them in increasing overall growth of the organization.

Mobile Security

When we talk about enterprise mobility, we cannot exclude the huge data that is exposed to outside threats. Making data available from remote locations also makes it accessible to unwanted sources. To counter this, the data access should be monitored by the IT department.

Another way for countering mobile data security is EMM (Enterprise mobile management) which addresses the security issues of the enterprise mobility.

Mobile Device Management (MDM), mobile application management (MAM) and mobile information management (MIM) are combined to create a security system where MDM locks mobile devices, MAM controls employee access and MIM allows approved apps to access corporate data.

Platform to be used

The major challenge faced by any organization is choosing the right platform for the enterprise app development that is whether an app is based on iOS, Android or Windows. Many tools are available for building enterprise app, and if the right tools are selected, a great enterprise app can be made available for the organization.

Final Words

The meaning of new age workplace is being redefined with innovations that are taking place everyday. Businesses now need to give importance to enterprise mobility. The transformational nature of enterprise mobility in 2017 may create a number of challenging situations for businesses. But if all the aforementioned challenges are dealt appropriately, Enterprise mobility is the answer for many work-related challenges.

As the above data shows, mobility has been trending a lot, and there has been a lot of buzz around it. And like any other revolution, there are a few setbacks

So if you want to join the bandwagon of organizations that are opting for enterprise mobility and would like to have a partner for all your mobile solutions, RapidOps, Inc, will be very much honored to be there with you in your journey towards success and growth, so do reach out to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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