Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Press Release

Temperzone to Implement Epicor in Australia and New Zealand

New Zealand's longest established manufacturer, exporter and distributor of air and water-cooled air conditioners, ventilation equipment and air distribution systems selects Epicor

Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organisations, today announced that Temperzone, New Zealand's longest established manufacturer, exporter and distributor of air and water-cooled air conditioners, ventilation equipment and air distribution systems, will implement the next-generation Epicor enterprise resource planning solution.

Headquartered in Auckland, Temperzone is a privately owned company with major manufacturing facilities in both Auckland and Sydney. With 600 employees across the group, Temperzone prides itself on producing products that are renowned for their durability and reliability. To complement its product range, Temperzone also has a strategic alliance with Hitachi, which produces high quality, efficient and reliable products for both the residential and commercial markets.

Following an extensive tender and evaluation process, Temperzone selected Epicor ERP due to the scope of capabilities offered by the solution and the power of its flexible, collaborative platform which focuses on cost reduction, process improvement and customer responsiveness.

“We made the decision to implement a new ERP system to replace our legacy solution which had been heavily modified and did not have an efficient upgrade path. When we reviewed the Epicor ERP solution, we were impressed with its ease of use, as well as the scope of modules available on the platform. With operations in two countries, spread across eight locations, selecting a solution with strong manufacturing, cost management and financial management capabilities, was critical to us.”

“Easy access to data and a robust customer relationship management (CRM) offering were also key. Our sales team has been looking for a strong CRM system for some time and we are confident that Epicor will be able to deliver this,” said David Playne, Project Manager, Temperzone.

Temperzone chose Epicor ERP through Epicor’s strategic partner, COGITA, who was recently named “Global Partner of the Year” by Epicor for the third consecutive year. COGITA sells and supports Epicor's ERP products, for design-to-order, make-to-order, engineer-to-order, configure-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturing companies in the private sector.

“We were impressed with COGITA’s local expertise in both the New Zealand and Australian markets, as well as, their proven track record in our business space. We are confident they will be able to provide the level of support we require throughout the implementation and beyond,” Playne explained.

Temperzone began its implementation of Epicor in March. Following implementation, the company expects to enjoy a number of operational and business benefits including:

·      Improved customer service with the help of the integrated CRM module

·      Ability to generate and configure more accurate ‘make-to-order’ quotes

·      Enhanced inventory control via the solutions’ warehouse automation capability

·      Improved financial reporting

·     User definable access to business critical information via dashboards and trackers

“The integrated nature of the ERP platform offered by Epicor, which can be tailored to suit our specific requirements, was certainly an appealing proposition for us. We look forward to working with both Epicor and COGITA to make this a successful and long lasting engagement,” said Playne.

“Manufacturers, distributors, financial institutions, service firms and retailers globally enjoy the flexibility and goal-driven nature of Epicor ERP,” said Charles Hamilton, senior regional director for Epicor.  “It has been designed to enable customers to quickly realize tangible and sustainable results in their business. We are excited to be working with such a well-established and respected company as Temperzone, which has been an industry leader in its field for more than fifty years. We are confident it will reap significant business rewards.”  

For more information about Temperzone please visit: http://www.temperzone.co.nz.

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