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Eternal Hindu Foundation's national executive meeting held in Noida

Eternal Hindu Foundation held a national executive meeting in Noida, Uttar Pradesh on May 6, 2019. The gathering was aimed at creating a platform for interaction among members and executives of the Foundation, alongside enhancing the understanding of its mission.

The executive meet started with “Diya Prajwalan” (lighting of lamp) by senior members of the Foundation. Everyone then offered prayer and respect to Bharat Mata.

Shri Sanjay Sharma, National Convenor of Eternal Hindu Foundation, welcomed attendees and started the meeting with an introductory speech. He talked about a wide range of topics related to the Foundation, including its origin and mission.He highlighted the “three pillars” of the Foundation, namely Shashwat Bharatam, Shashwat Devalay, and ITIHASA.

Shashwat Bharatam is an initiative to promote the basic values of Indian culture and its historical importance. The prime objective of this initiative is to increase awareness about social, cultural and economic elements of Ancient India.

ITIHASA, short for International True Indian History Association with Scientific Approach, is a forum for rediscovering and re-writing the true chronological history of ancient India. The mission of this forum is to counter the incorrect description of India's history.

Shashwat Devalay aims to turn temples into places that offer more than just worship centers (Bhakti Kendras). A number of selected temples across the country will serve as Seva Kendra, Shiksha Kendra, Sanskar Kendra, and Swarojgar Kendra.

Other executives and members of the Foundation talked about the need for bringing change to society in terms of cultural awareness. They also emphasized the role of experts associated with Eternal Hindu, like Shri Shamit Khemka, who is the Mentor for digital strategies.

Savio Rodrigues, National Spokesperson of Eternal Hindu Foundation, briefed attendees about the communication strategy of the organization. He said that members of the Foundation should communicate in a way that is respectful to the ethos of the Foundation. He emphasized the need for extensively promoting the rich heritage and culture of India. He also pointed out that the main intent of the Foundation is to unite people under the diverse and beautiful umbrella of Indian culture.

Shri Vedveer Arya, Mission Head of the ITIHASA initiative, talked about the significance of the correct chronological history of India. He described how the incorrect history of India is being taught in educational institutions across the country. Aparna Sharma, a member of the Foundation, highlighted ways to best use social media for enhancing the outreach of the Foundation.

Shri Paritosh Agrawal, Mission Head of the initiative Shashwat Bharatam, explained the social media presence of Eternal Hindu Foundation, citing statistics and data analytics. He described the roadmap of the Foundation for strengthening its presence in the digital world.

The executive meeting moved toward the end with a closing note from Shri Virendra Pandey, Chairman- National Advisory Council of the Foundation. He thanked everyone for attentively participating in the meeting and creating an enthusiastic environment.

All members and executives pledged to work more strategically to accomplish the mission of Eternal Hindu Foundation. Attendees sang the National Anthem and concluded the meeting.

It was followed by buffet lunch during which the attendees had a chance to interact with each other more personally.

In sum, the meeting turned out to be a perfect occasion for people associated with the Foundation to talk about their ideas and plans. It also helped in creating a more effective network among the members and the executives.

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