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Election ends, Muzaffarnagar set to resume development, says Anju Agarwal

Muzaffarnagar Nagarpalika Chairperson Anju Agarwal has said that development work will speed up in the district after the removal of Model Code of Conduct for 2019 Lok Sabha elections. She mentioned various construction and development projects that were stopped due to the code of conduct.

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Development works due to the code of conduct will now get the speed. The election is over, so now there will be a heightened focus on development.

Infrastructure projects are going on in Muzaffarnagar, which cost about eight and a half crores. The progress towards the widening of the Panipat-Khatima State Highway will also be rapid.

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In addition, the development plan of the district is also to be implemented.

In March 2019, the Code of Conduct was implemented for the Lok Sabha elections. After this, there was a break on development works.

Now the Lok Sabha election is over. Therefore, development is expected to hold the momentum now.

Before the election, the municipality had proposed development works for the 14th Finance Fund of rupees eight crores.

These included the construction of roads and drains, as well as the beautification of the parks and the construction of divider, etc. As soon as the Code of Conduct is removed, this work will start fast.

Muzaffarnagar Nagarpalika chairperson Anju Agarwal told that the paused works will now be completed faster.

On the other hand, the development plan of the district has to be finalized. Prior to the implementation of the code of conduct, the proposal of the district plan of Rs.

295 crore had been passed in the meeting of the district panchayat, but it has to be finalized in the presence of the in-charge of the districts Satish Mahana. District Finance and Statistics Officer Ashok Kumar said that the time will be taken for meeting with the minister in charge.

After taking the time, the meeting of the district plan will be passed by organizing the meeting.

Prior to the election code of conduct, the foundation stone for the widening of Panipat-Khatima State Highway was done by Union Minister Nitin Gadkari. For this, land acquisition is underway.

The work of widening costing about 3500 crores could not catch pace right now. Officers and leaders were busy in elections.

Now the election engagement has ended. Therefore the process of widening of the highway will now catch strength.

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