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Design underway for multi-story library building in Muzaffarnagar

Muzaffarnagar Municipal Corporation, led by Anju Agarwal, has planned to build a multi-story library building on Town Hall Road. The library is part of the city's development scheme and will also have a digital library section.

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The library will be developed as a mall with modernization. A map expert has been attached to this work with an engineer.

Work on the project will start when the Election Code of Conduct is removed. The building of the Peace Library near the municipality complex has been transformed into ruins.

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Due to which the municipality had to lock the library and restrict public entry to the library building

However, now the municipal administration has been working to increase its income and draft its beautification. Actually, 4000 sqm of land in the Peace Library and its surroundings has been marked.

The municipality will build a multi-story building on this land. It will be developed in the form of malls and complexes.

The municipality administration has started the task of making the Detail Project Report (DPR) for this.

For this, Junior engineer Arvid Kumar, Assistant Engineer Shiv Kumar, and Map Specialist Rajeshwar Sharma have been appointed. The team of officials will prepare the entire project details before the Code of Conduct is withdrawn.

The next board meeting will discuss the detailed plan of the project.

 The municipality is preparing the DPR in such a way so that the board meeting can be convened immediately after the withdrawal of code of conduct. This project will be discussed at the same meeting.

After that, the municipality will clear the way for its construction. The proposal for modernization of the Peace Library was made in the board meeting on January 16, 2019.

With the modernization of the Peace Library, a plan to build a multi-story building has been prepared here. For this, the DPR is being set up by the municipal authorities.

After that, the budget and framework for construction will be decided, said Anju Agarwal, Chairperson of Muzaffarnagar Nagarpalika.

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