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Anju Agarwal reviews preparations for Kanwar Yatra in Muzaffarnagar

Preparations have been ramped up for the upcoming Kanwar Yatra that will pass through Muzaffarnagar. The Kanwar road is being repaired and beautification measures are underway at Ahilya Bai Chowk. Painting the dividers, repairing damaged areas, and various other measures are being taken for the upcoming religious event.

On Friday, Muzaffarnagar Nagar Palika chairperson, Anju Agarwal inspected all the maintenance and beautification works on the Kanwar Road. She also visited various other areas to review cleanliness operations.

Kanwariyas visit Haridwar to fetch Ganga Jal on the occasion of Shivratri during the Hindu calendar month of Shravan. The main route of the Kanwar Yatra passes through the city.

Kanwariyas enter the city through Bhezari road and passes through Medina Chowk, Sarvat, Kachchi Sadak, and Roorki road and then goes out through the Meerut Road. In between, they perform 'Jalabhishek' at Shiv Chowk.

Preparations are going on fast on the Kanwar road. The dividers in the Kachchi Sadak area are being repaired. Apart from this, dividers of Meerut Road are also being made from Meenakshi Chowk. However, the work on dividers has not started yet from Shiv Chowk to Naavalti Chowk. A new road has been constructed from Shiv Chowk to Ahilyabai Chowk.

On Friday, Nagar Palika Palika Chairperson Anju Agarwal inspected drain cleaning work in Gandhi Colony, Kutch Road, Gaza Pulia, Shivpuri, Mohalla Laddawala, and Prempuri.

She also reviewed the beautification works at Ahilya Bai Chowk. During this inspection, District Health Officer RS ​​Rathi, Sanjay Singh, Sanitary Inspector, Umakant Sharma, Steno Gopal Tyagi, and other municipal employees were present.

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