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Anju Agarwal inaugurates major beautification project

Muzaffarnagar Nagar Palika Parishad chairperson, Anju Agarwal, inaugurated the redeveloped area at Ahilyabai Chowk. It marked the completion of her dream beautification project in the city.

On the occasion, the chairperson talked about her plans to redevelop and beautify all the major intersections of the city.

She also explained why she wanted to inaugurate the project before the beginning of Kanwar Yatra. During Kanwar Yatra, an annual pilgrimage, crores of Kanwariyas (devotees of Lord Shiva) pass through the city. Beautification works like these will spread the popularity of Muzaffarnagar to distant places, the chairperson said. 

People present at the inauguration ceremony asked the chairperson to rename the area between Hospital Chowk and Madina Chowk after Ahilyabai.

The inauguration event was also attended by Engineer Shri Ashok Agarwal, leading industrialist Abhishek Agarwal, Mohammed Salim Ansari, City Health Officer Ravinder Rathi, Steno President Gopal Tyagi, and other employees and officials of Muzaffarnagar Nagar Palika Parishad.

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