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Anju Agarwal inspects the Kanwar Yatra route in Muzaffarnagar

Anju Agrawal, Muzaffarnagar Nagarpalika chairperson, inspected the preparations for Kanwar Yatra 2019 in the city. She was accompanied by officials and members of the municipal council. Kanwar Yatra is an annual pilgrimage undertaken by devotees of Lord Shiva (Shiv Bhakts). The devotees are popularly known as Kanwariyas.

For Anju Agarwal, serving the devotees is not just an official responsibility but also a matter of spirituality and faith. Anju Agarwal has adopted a hands-on attitude while overseeing and managing the preparations for the holy festival.

During the recent inspection of the Kanwar road, she reviewed arrangements in the area around Shiv Chowk. Then she examined the ongoing construction work for drains on Bhagat Singh Road and instructed the contractor to work with proper standards and quality.

Additionally, she asked municipality officials to immediately repair the potholes on the road, and improve the waste management system. The chairperson also inspected the Hanuman Chowk and instructed officials to repair any damage on the road.

Finally, she inspected the area between Ahilyabai Chowk and Madina Chowk and warned the concerned contractor of action on negligence in the work. The chairperson also examined the water coolers installed for Kanwariyas.

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