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Anju Agarwal reviews school administration process during inspection

Muzaffarnagar municipal council chairperson Anju Agarwal inspected the Municipality Girls Inter College school current administration. She found that no teacher was present in the classrooms.

The chairperson immediately called a meeting with the principal, the school manager, and the entire teaching staff. The chairperson instructed everyone to improve the quality of education in the school.

During the meeting Anju Agarwal complaints regarding matters like the behavior of employees of the school and negligence of teachers. She assured that quick action will be taken on every single complaint.

During the inspection, the chairperson also observed that 14 computers allotted for the shool's computer lab were left unattended in the library. The computers were not operational.

She warned the principal that if necessary action is not taken she would be compelled to take disciplinary action against the school administration.

She said that by abandoning the computers the school administration is depriving the students of computer education. Besides, it's also an apparent waste of government funds allocated to the school.

She also inspected the ongoing construction for a new building of the school. The construction project cost Rs.

58 lac and aims to create a modern infrastructure for the school.

After that, the chairperson went to the area where the sewage of the city is disposed of. The municipal council chairperson instructed officials to ensure smooth flow of the drains.

Proper management and disposal of sewage are crucial to cleanliness and environment, she said.

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