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Anju Agarwal inaugurates service camp for Kanwar Yatra 2019

Anju Agarwal, Muzaffarnagar Nagar Palika chairperson, recently inaugurated the oldest and the biggest Kanwar Seva Shivir (a service camp for pilgrims of Kanwar Yatra) in the city. Located at Meenakshi Chowk, the service camp was started after following all rituals.

The Kanwar Seva Shivir is maintained by an organization called Shiv Seva Parivar. After inaugurating the Shivir, Nagar Palika chairperson Anju Agarwal said that Kanwar is a symbol of ancient religious traditions and faith. 

The festival is known all over the world and thousands of Shiva devotees reach the destination by traveling through Muzaffarnagar. The pilgrims, famously known as “Kanwariyas,” walk hundreds of kilometers to do the ritual of “Jalabhisak”  related to Lord Shiva.

The chairperson also said that all residents of Muzaffarnagar should celebrate Kanwar Yatra 2019 as a grand festival. 

Muzaffarnagar municipal council chairperson Anju Agarwal also appealed to all the citizens of Muzaffarnagar to avoid rumors. She added that if residents receive any information, they should confirm the same before reacting to it. This is very important for maintaining communal harmony, she said.

The chairperson further sought support from Muzaffarnagar DM Selva Kumari, senior police superintendent Abhishek Yadav, and the entire district administration for smoothly managing the festival.

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