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Teachers absent during Anju Agarwal's school inspection in Muzaffarnagar

Anju Agarwal, the chairperson of Muzaffarnagar Municipal Council, recently inspected the Municipality Girls Inter College school. The surprise inspection was part of her efforts to ensure quality education in the city's public sector schools. The Girls Inter College is especially important for the municipal leader as it comes under direct administration of the municipality

This was her second visit to the school in recent weeks. Last time when she made an inspection visit, teachers were found absent in classrooms. This time too, there were no teachers in classrooms.

Teachers' absenteeism and irregularity of teachers have been major problems in the city's school education system. 

Anju Agarwal has been trying relentlessly to tackle these problems.

The chairperson was disappointed to see the absence of teachers in classrooms. She immediately instructed the principal to take necessary action and ensure more punctuality and discipline among teachers. The principal gave an explanation for the situation, saying that teachers were absent due to a registration process for students of 9th and 10th grades.

The chairperson argued that no clerical or official work should affect the teaching process. She also mentioned government's guidelines forbidding teachers from staying at school after school hours.

Later in the day, a group of senior office bearers of Prajapati Samaj met with municipality chairperson Anju Agarwal. They congratulated her for leading extensive development initiatives in the city. They felicitated her with a Shawal and also praised her for the success of the recently concluded Kanwar Yatra, an annual Hindu pilgrimage.

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