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Drains, closed for years, opened after Anju Aggarwal's involvement

Muzaffarnagar Municipal Council president Anju Aggarwal had sent JCB machine to open the closed drains on Roorkee road this morning to resolve the problems raised in a recent conference of Roorkee Road Traders Association. But when the chairperson herself reached the spot, she was surprised to see that the drains were closed for years.

Seeing this, when the Municipal Chairperson asked the traders about the matter, she found out that the drains have been closed for almost 25 years.

She immediately ordered that the closed drains be opened by the JCB machine in front of them. When the drains were excavated, all the traders present there were taken aback. The chairperson appealed to all the traders to help to open the drains and make the drainage system right. 

Upon which the shopkeepers immediately started removing the Slaps they had put on the drains.

On this occasion, the municipality chairperson said that her job is to develop the city. She is the chairperson today, tomorrow another chairperson will come. But development should not stop, she said.

"During my tenure, I will completely clean the drains of this city, no matter how much difficulty I face," said Anju Agarwal. The traders of Roorkee Road thanked the municipal chairperson Anju Agarwal and said that they had not seen such a humble chairperson in their life.

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