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Krishna Janmashtami celebrated with enthusiasm at Shardein School Muzaffarnagar

Like every year, people of Muzaffarnagar celebrated the festival of Krishna Janmashtami with great joy and enthusiasm, emphasizing its cultural significance. Shardein School, a leading public school in the city, hosted a special cultural program on the auspicious occasion.

Muzaffarnagar municipal council chairperson Anju Agarwal was the Chief Guest of the event. The manager and director of the school, Mr.

and Mrs. Vishwaratna Gupta, welcomed the chairperson with the rituals of tilak and garlands. Wife of the city's SP and SP - Rural Alok Sharma were also present.

The chief guest started the program of Janmashtami by lighting the lamp. Then young children displayed dances and performances in the form of Shri Krishna and Radha Rani.

A large number of students and guardians were present in the program. People of all religions attended the Shardein School to celebrate this Krishna Janmashtami.

On the impressive performance by the young children, the audience in the hall fiercely cheered the children with applause.

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