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GS1 Australia launches the smart solution - GS1 SmartMedia

The industry solution for managing and sharing images and product related digital assets and data with trading partners.

GS1 Australia launches GS1 SmartMedia, the new smart solution that satisfies the need for a single source of valid, up-to-date and authenticated images, multimedia files and other basic product information, ready to share with trading partners.

Developed over 18 months by GS1 Australia and GS1 New Zealand in collaboration with industry partners, GS1 SmartMedia will be officially launched at GS1 Australia’s Supply Chain Week 2013 in Sydney on 12th September.

Maria Palazzolo, CEO of GS1 Australia says businesses today face the online revolution challenge of providing consumers and trading partners with instant access to visually engaging product information, product images and other product-related digital content at all times.

“Our new GS1 SmartMedia service is an exciting initiative that will help businesses meet this challenge, the simplest way possible, by providing a single source of multimedia and digital assets to share with trading partners.”

This new smart solution will enable manufacturers and retailers to exchange all kinds of highresolution digital images and other multimedia files required for the production of printed collateral, websites, Point-of-Sale, videos, product planograms, mobile apps and other types of digital assets for general promotional use.

GS1 SmartMedia is the ideal, low cost standards based industry solution to share authenticated, multimedia content. Businesses also have the option of loading content either directly, via third party solution providers or through the GS1 Photography Service,” added Ms Palazzolo.

Michael Joiner, National Shelf Management Manager from Metcash Food & Grocery said, “GS1SmartMedia is an ideal solution for receiving product information from our suppliers. It will definitely save us time and effort downloading images, digital assets, etc.”

The many benefits of GS1 SmartMedia also include businesses being able to use the service as a central internal registry (intranet) of digital assets across different departments. GS1 SmartMedia will also enable companies to provide product images for use across other GS1 services, including GS1 GoScan and GS1 Recallnet.

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About GS1 SmartMedia
GS1 SmartMedia is the industry solution for managing and sharing images and product related digital assets and data with trading partners. GS1 SmartMedia allows manufacturers, retailers and other trading partners to exchange all kinds of multimedia files and digital assets for the production of printed collateral, websites, Point-of-Sale, mobile apps and general promotional use. For more information visit

About GS1 Australia
GS1 Australia is the Australian member of the global GS1 organisation that administers the global GS1 System of supply chain standards in Australia. It currently serves 22 industry sectors and supports just under 17,000 members nationally to enhance their efficiency and cost effectiveness by adopting best practice GS1 global supply chain standards. For more information

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