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Australian Tech Entrepreneur Backs Heath Ledger Production Company, The Masses, and Launches "Perfect Digital Company"

Australian tech entrepreneur Ron Creevey has backed Heath Ledger's production company The Masses and their new film, is about to carry out a $400m stock exchange listing of YuuZoo, has partnered with Jumio - Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin's new company and is building over 50 mobile websites a day for Carlton United Breweries.

"Moment Media is the perfect digital company covering social networks , mobile websites and apps , mobile payment processing and film production for mobile apps too" says Creevey. " We are changing the way new media companies are looked upon and we grow very fast and generate revenues to match." Creevey added.

His content company YuuZoo , which he founded in 2006 will list for $400million on the Singapore Stock Exchange in November in a reverse takeover through Macquarie Bank. Creevey will become the second largest shareholder.

Creevey's Moment Media owns exclusive rights to YuuZoo in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, NZ, Brazil and Mexico.

It also owns 47.5% of Heath Ledger's beloved film production company “The Masses” with its first movie in production now in St Louis and set for release next year.

In addition Moment Media owns which rapidly deploys mobile websites and is currently building websites for Carlton United Breweries at a rate of 50 websites a day (and the speed is lifting daily). charges $300 to build a site and is currently managing major global brands from New York to Sydney.

NeZii, a mobile payment platform, is owned by Moment Media and with the technology developed with Australia's JMango and Singapore based Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin's Jumio. Jumio are developing the code for NeZii. It is also currently developing a partnership with churches in Africa to handle donations from their 10 million + congregants nationally

In the US Ron Creevey's partner is the co-founder of MTV Bobby Friedman. Friedman also was CEO of Playboy and Newline Pictures where he released Lord of the Rings.

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