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Chicago Projection Mapping Releases Updated Informative Guide, "What is 3D Projection Mapping?"

Updated document reveals the projection mapping process for event planners, agencies, and creative groups.

Chicago Projection Mapping (CPM), a Chicagoland-based content and 3D projection company, released today an updated guide to the live event industry’s hottest new medium, entitled "What is 3D Projection Mapping?". The guide, available via, is an engaging primer written for event planners, agencies, and creative groups interested in bringing 3D projection mapping to events, installations, performances, and live presentations.

Written by the expert team behind Chicago Projection Mapping, the guide has been updated for 2014 with additional information about interactive content and advances in projection surfaces. "What is Projection Mapping?" uses CPM's extensive experience in the live event industry to demystify the mapping process, providing common-sense insights into content, projection hardware, surfaces, and mapping, in addition to examples of projection mapping on a local and national scale. The guide, available via, also provides direct options for communication to CPM for project inquires.

“Projection mapping is a medium that can seem complex, almost magical,” said J Matthew Nix, project lead for Chicago Projection Mapping. “This brings people who are interested in projection mapping up to speed with the creative considerations that go into our industry.”

Chicago Projection Mapping continues to stand apart from conventional video mapping groups. While CPM excels at "traditional" forms of projection mapping, such as exterior architectural mapping and marquee/gala events, the firm is quickly becoming a market leader in combining experimental technology with projection mapping, pushing the boundaries of interactivity within the industry. For inquiries or a free quote, please email info(at)ChicagoProjectionMapping(dot)com.

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About Chicago Projection Mapping: Based in Chicago, IL, Chicago Projection Mapping is a full service content creation and 3D projection mapping company, serving the corporate, event, meeting, and convention sectors. For more information, please visit, or call 630-620-0000.

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