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BYD’s distribution channel and expanded Battery-Box portfolio on display at All Energy Conference and Exhibition

A new generation of the low voltage Battery-Box and expanded distribution roster show underline strong growth in ANZ for BYD

BYD Co., Ltd., the world’s leading supplier of rechargeable lithium batteries, will present its extended portfolio of the successful Battery-Box lithium storage systems series (previously named “B-Box”) at the All Energy Conference and Exhibition in Melbourne from October 3rd and 4th 2018. The company’s products will feature strongly throughout the event, with several distribution and inverter-partners featuring Battery-Boxes at their stalls. This extended presence underlines the fact that BYD’s distribution network has now reached maturity in Australia, and is beginning to impact a broader range of vertical markets.

The expanded product portfolio now supports even more application types of all sizes on their way to energy independence and self consumption.

The Battery-Box range of products places special emphasis on deployments for off-grid applications, and is compatible with a wide variety of mainstream inverters, such as SMA, Goodwe, Victron, Sungrow and Selectronic, highlighting the range’s versatility. The company has also recently added compatibility with the Solis Inverter.

“Australia is an important market for BYD, representing our second largest region by global sales. Our large representation through our partners at All Energy proves that we have now consolidated our presence in the market, and are in a position to capitalize on the exceptional growth already experienced here over the past two years,” said Julia Chen, Global Sales Director, BYD Batteries. “The positive market reception of our Battery-Box storage system, which we showed at All Energy 2017, was a key motivation to grow our energy storage portfolio and regional partner network, and that move is paying off for us in Australia with ten percent growth, year-on-year.”


Expanded Partner Portfolio and configuration examples support self-consumption

At the event, BYD partners will showcase the expanded range of solutions in the field of inverters and present a selection of new compatible systems. They will also showcase configuration examples for the combined systems of storage solutions and inverters which demonstrate how the flexible modular storage system - in combination with proven partner solutions - can support many uses, from self-consumption through to off-grid applications.


New Battery-Box LV generation

After the successful introduction of the award-winning Battery-Box HV (high-voltage) lithium storage system in 2017, BYD now expands the low-voltage storage portfolio with the latest generation of the Battery-Box LV. At the company’s partner event in March 2018, the company presented the new Battery-Box LV (Low Voltage) 48 volt lithium storage system, which employs the successful modular design of the energy storage series, with battery capacities ranging from 3.5 to 14 kWh in one system, with one to four modules. The capacity can be scaled up to 42kWh with three systems connected in parallel. It is ideally suited for residential use.

The system provides a high discharge power and higher usable energy ration than comparable systems in the market. It also employs BYD’s patented innovative connection system which allows for an extremely easy plug-and-play installation without the need to connect cables. The new generation adds an automated support for the connection of three systems to make the scaling up to 42kWh even easier.

Other BYD products on display at the All energy event will include:

  • BYD Battery-Box LV 2.5-10
  • BYD Battery-Box Pro 13.8
  • BYD Battery-Box HV 6.4-11.5
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