Green Surfer LED offers exclusive range of LED Lighting Products at very attractive prices

Green Surfer LED is the leading manufacturer & supplier in India. They supply energy-efficient LED lighting products all over India. They have a wide assortment of LED Lighting products like decorative lighting, indoor lighting and outdoor lighting for residential and commercial sectors.

TRENDE, Toyota and UTokyo experiment with next-generation electricity system

TRENDE Inc., a Tokyo Electric Power Company group company, Toyota Motor Corporation and the University of Tokyo will conduct a joint experiment with a next-generation peer-to-peer (P2P) electricity system that enables homes, businesses, and electric vehicles (EVs) connected to the electricity grid to trade electricity using a blockchain. The test will run from June 2019 at Toyota's Higashi Fuji Technical Center and the surrounding area.

Greenbriar Capital Corp provides Montalva update

Greenbriar Capital Corp. (TSXV: GRB) ("Greenbriar") The Company is pleased to announce that further to its news release dated Feb. 6, 2019, the company has been in non-stop negotiations with PREPA and its consultants (Filsinger Energy Partners) and attorneys (King & Spalding), to permit the Montalva Project to proceed forward.

Enercore Currently Offering Solar Garden to Supply Residents with Clean Energy in Foxborough and Hopkinton, Massachusetts

Community solar, or a solar garden, is a solar electric array that has multiple subscribers who connect to one utility grid. Think of a community garden. In a community garden, participants share patches of land for gardening purposes. A solar garden has a similar concept, although subscribers purchase/lease panels in a particular array, and receive a credit on their electric bill for the power those panels produce.

Battery Backup Power, Inc. Portable Lithium Solar Energy Rechargeable UPS/Personal Battery Available On Kickstarter At A Reduced Price In Limited Quanities

Battery Backup Power, Inc. Portable Lithium Solar Energy Rechargeable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) / Personal Battery System Has Been Approved By Kickstarter and Is Set To Launch Monday, September 28th, 2015. and Solar Power World partner on the publication’s 2015 Top Solar Contractors list, the leading site for customer-generated reviews of solar installations and solar equipment, has partnered with Solar Power World, the leading print and online resource covering solar technology, installation and development, to support Solar Power World's 2015 Top Solar Contractors list

Spring into Action and Join Tekserve at Its eWaste Recycling Event on April 11

Tekserve, a leading provider of technology solutions for creative professionals, invites NYC residents to spring into action at its next eWaste Electronics Recycling Event, co-hosted by the Lower East Side Ecology Center, on Saturday, April 11, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., rain or shine. The event will take place at the Tekserve retail store, located in Chelsea at 119 West 23rd Street in New York City.