Customer Experience expectations for 2019

PRE Customer Experience expectations for 2019

Forrester Research says many major brands will favour short-term CX goals over strategic initiatives. CCW Digital says the number one priority in 2019 will be increasing investment in digital channels.

IComm announces Premier Contact Point distribution partnership

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IComm Australia Pty Ltd, the award-winning consultancy of integrated unified communications, today announced a new reseller partnership with Premier Technologies Pty Ltd, the vendor of Premier Contact Point, a class-leading cloud customer contact solution. This partnership enables IComm to help its clients grow revenues and improve customer experience.

Aspect Software recognised for contact centre leadership


Aspect Software, of which Premier Technologies is a partner, has received two awards at the 2018 Frost and Sullivan Asia-Pacific Best Practices Awards: the Outbound Systems Market Share Leadership Award and the Contact Center Application Growth Excellence Leadership Award.

Cloud Contact Centre vendor Premier Technologies signs with VExpress

Cloud Contact Centre vendor Premier Technologies signs with VExpress

Australian-owned distributor of dynamic telecommunication, data and mobility solutions VExpress, announces a distribution partnership with Premier Technologies to distribute their cloud contact centre. This strategic relationship enables VExpress resellers to help customers grow revenue and improve customer experience.

Robotic Process Automation: Get ready for robot-assisted customer experience


Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a process whereby computer software ‘bots’ execute pre-programmed functions on structured data to complete a process or transaction. Such bots are capable of performing human-like functions such as evaluating, deciding, learning and acting, allowing organisations to free staff from repetitive tasks, improving the efficiency and reducing the chances of human error.

The importance of smoothing the customer journey


A survey of 1,000 Australians suggests few companies provide customers with a satisfactory journey through their interactions. Eighty-four percent of surveyed consumers believe organisations provide a disconnected customer journey.

Are you a front-runner in customer-focused AI?


Capgemini surveyed more than 10,000 customers in multiple countries to determine their attitudes toward the use of artificial intelligence for customer service. Capgemini identified a cohort of customers with positive attitudes toward the use of AI that it called ‘high-benefit’ customers.

How to avoid avoidable customer churn


  • Avoidable customer churn is estimated to cost UK companies at least £25b ($A45b) per year
  • Eighty four percent of UK customer across the banking & finance, utilities and communications sectors are estimated to have switched 1.91 times in a 12 month period.
  • Driver analysis and predictive modelling are powerful tools to reduce churn.

Chatbots Aren’t Human: They Just Look That Way

humanoid-chatbot (1).jpg

FaceMe is now the second New Zealand company to release a humanoid chatbot that can speak the AI-generated text, all while reacting to the customer’s every expression, and displaying their own emotions.

Are you ready for the new data breach notification regime?

Get-ready-for-the-new-data-breach-notification-regime (1).jpgThe Australian Government’s Notifiable Data Breaches scheme came into force on 22 February 2018. It requires any organisation regulated by the Australian Privacy Act to notify individuals affected by a data breach that is likely to cause them serious harm, and also to notify the Australian Information Commissioner.

Agent experience the foundation of customer experience

Pre749 Agent Experience the foundation of customer experience

  • Many brands still do see agents as critical to delivering a good customer experience.
  • Contact centre agents expect the demands placed on them by customers to increase.
  • Agents want a more flexible working environment, better training, and data-driven feedback, all of which need the right technology.

Follow the money, it leads to chatbots

Pre746 Follow the money it leads to chatbots

  • Australian company Flamingo, which offers artificial intelligence-based customer service assistants, has gone from startup to ASX listed company worth $42.4m in three years. 
  • New Zealand startup, Cove Insurance is introducing the first insurance product to be fully managed by chatbot.

The chatbot you are dying to meet


  • Chatbots are being trialled for the provision of end-of-life counselling
  • The possibility is emerging of creating a chatbot that can mimic a real person enabling them to ‘live on’ after death
  • US company Pullstring is to offer software that will facilitate the creation of conversational agents that could mimic a deceased person if fed with information about their life.