Would you take financial advice from a robot?

pre624 would you take financial advice from a robot

There’s a suggestion in a blog post from The Customer Experience Company –- an Australian design and innovation firm -- that changes to financial advice legislation may make formal financial advice more costly and less accessible and that the finance industry’s response might be to provide general information for free by investing in new channels such as robo-advice.

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This might seem a bit of stretch, but the use of automated response systems -- aka chatbots -- for simpler forms of advice in the customer service domain is becoming more common.

Chatbots are computer programs that use artificial intelligence to mimic a real person in a conversation. If you want to see what they can do, you can invoke your own personal chatbot to handle that onerous task of responding to all your emails – a huge time consumer for anyone in a corporate role.

Google has come up with a service that automatically generates replies to incoming messages. That might sound rather risky, but according to Wired magazine, you get to vet these automated responses before they go out.

“Having analysed millions of messages from across Google’s Gmail service, it can guess how you might respond to a particular missive,” Wired says. “It lets you instantly reply to someone when you don’t have time to open a laptop or even tap out a message on your smartphone.”

Wired says this chatbot works pretty well because Google limits its scope. For each message, it offers not just one reply but three, letting you choose the reply that best suits what you want to say, and these replies are typically just a few words long.

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So unlike a chatbot that might have a customer service role it is not fully automated and not real-time.

In the customer service domain, research from Premier Technologies’ partner, Aspect Software, shows burgeoning consumer demand for messaging-based brand interactions, an ideal role for chatbots – if they can deliver.

The Aspect Consumer Experience Index found that nearly 40 percent of consumers would prefer to use a messaging app like Facebook Messenger for customer service rather than making a phone call.

Aspect sees Facebook Messenger rapidly becoming a critical customer service and engagement channel -- one that will allow brands to design more frictionless and delightful interactions with their consumers -- and a natural extension to Aspect’s Customer Experience Platform’s (CXP) omnichannel capabilities: IVR, mobile Web, SMS and Twitter.

According to TechCrunch, “tens of thousands” of developers are developing chatbots for Facebook Messenger. “One of the more recent high-profile chatbots introduced on the Messenger platform, Activision’s Call of Duty bot, saw engagement soar to nearly six million messages exchanged between users in its first week of existence,” TechCrunch reported.

Aspect has integrated CXP with Facebook Messenger to create chatbots that use natural language understanding in more than a dozen languages to match a customer query to the right response.

These chatbots can engage consumers in a conversation to get more information when needed or complete multistep transactions. And when agent assistance is needed, conversations can be transferred seamlessly with full contact centre integration and appropriate routing to the right agent without the consumer needing to repeat themselves

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