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pre627 customer experience not for dummies

In 1991 IDG Books published DOS for Dummies, a beginner-friendly guide to Microsoft’s PC operating system. That first publication had a print run of just 7500 copies, but it was the beginning of a global publishing phenomenon that now has 250 million books in print spanning 1800 titles. (Although with the availability of online editions that in-print number is somewhat meaningless.)

One of those 1800 titles — now published by Jon Wiley & Sons — is Customer Experience for Dummies. It introduces itself with something that every customer experience professional should know only too well:

“If you aren’t striving to listen to your customers, meet their demands, exceed their expectations, and deliver consistent, quality customer experience, you risk losing your loyal customers, your potential customers, your profits, your reputation, your employees, and even, ultimately, your business.”

But, it’s not aimed at customer experience professionals it’s aimed at “decision makers and influencers who can drive the way your organisation chooses to meet the demands of providing the best possible customer experience,” and at “those people who must support the decisions made about the methods you choose to offer your customers a superior experience when they interact with you.”

In other words, if it lives up to its promise, it could be a valuable aid to helping CX professionals get the buy-in they need from others in their organisations to enable them to do their jobs properly: deliver the optimal customer experience.

And on that score it’s helped by being, in its hard copy form, a slim A5 format volume only some 50 pages in length. In other words not too daunting for an executive to skim through and, if it does its job properly, give him or her a good understanding of what’s involved in the delivery of an optimal customer experience in today’s digital omnichannel world.

As the book says in the introduction:

“Use the information in this book to help you understand how the customer experience has been changing and how to meet the challenge presented by this evolving experience. Identify the customers who buy from you most often and examine the methods they use to communicate. Take a look at the ways you currently support your customers and the potential factors that prevent you from providing an outstanding customer experience. Finally, consider the ways that offering an outstanding customer experience can pay off and examine techniques you can employ to ensure success with your customers.”

It’s full of sound advice, succinctly presented.

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