The damage done by poor digital interactions

pre631 the damage done by poor digital interactions

The New Zealand arm of global software company SAP has undertaken what is probably the most comprehensive survey ever of New Zealanders’ views on their ‘digital interactions’ with some of the country’s largest and best known brands – and found several of them wanting.

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SAP asked 2,500 consumers to rate some 6,500 digital interactions with 38 of the country’s largest and best-known brands. The results, SAP says, were sobering. “There is a significant difference between the digital experiences that delight consumers and the digital experiences that New Zealand brands are delivering.”

The survey also found a strong correlation between customers’ delight with the digital experience and the Net Promoter Score (which is calculated based on responses to a single question: How likely is it that you would recommend our company/product/service to a friend or colleague?).

On average, customers delighted with the digital experience delivered a Net Promoter Score of +69 percent compared to a score of -54 percent from those who were unsatisfied.

Consumers rated brands’ performance in 14 attributes ranging from the functional (such as available anytime on my terms) to the emotional (such as excites and engages me). It found only 31 percent of consumers to be delighted by the digital experience they received. Of the 38 brands, just 13 had more delighted than unsatisfied customers. “Customers delighted with a digital experience are over four and half times more likely to remain loyal to a brand than those who are unsatisfied,” the report said.

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The survey also determined its own digital experience score to rate consumers’ satisfaction with the digital experiences delivered from individual brands based on customer responses to the 14 attributes, on a scale from 0 (not at all satisfied) to 10 (extremely satisfied). An average of the ratings was then calculated, with each consumer assigned an overall digital-experience score between 0 and 10.

Just 13 of the 38 brands managed to achieve an overall positive digital experience score. The survey found that new brands that had been ‘born digital’ scored much better than older, established brands. The new brands generated a positive digital-experience score (+14 percent), compared to the national average, -6 percent.

The conclusion was that, to deliver digital experience that delight requires a bottom up approach. “Brands must align their people and processes – not just in their marketing or digital teams, but across lines of business – onto a single platform built with the customer in mind.”

Of the eight industries assessed, banking was the top performer, closely followed by insurance, both returning positive digital experience scores. Retail groceries was next, with an equal number of both delighted and unsatisfied customers. Telecommunications, consumer goods, retail and government were the three lowest scoring sectors.

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