Digital interactions speak louder than words

pre623 digital interactions speak louder than words

2016 looks like being a watershed year in the customer service industry globally: it will be the year in which the volume of digital interactions between companies and customers exceeds voice interactions.

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That prediction comes from Dimension Data’s 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report, and it’s based on responses from 1,320 organisations in 81 countries across Asia Pacific, Australia, the Americas, Middle East & Africa and Europe, and across 14 industry verticals.

The report found digital volumes accounting for over 42 percent of all interactions and on track to overtake voice by the end of the year. “Growth in almost every digital channel contrasts with a 12 percent shrinkage of phone in the split of interactions handled by contact centres,” it said, adding: “It has emerged that CX is now the top reason for offering digital service channels, ahead of cost.”

However two in five respondents said that digital technology was not meeting business needs. “The demand for a seamless CX is the top industry trend affecting contact centres in 2016,” the report said. “As customer journeys span a combination of the nine different contact channels now being offered by most contact centres, organisations are intent on connecting the journey, and improving consumer experiences. Full channel integration (i.e. omnichannel capability) is set to treble within the next two years.”

Customer journey mapping emerged as a top five-year trend, alongside analytics. “But for now capability is lacking and just 17.4 percent of respondents can locate problem hotspots that affect the CX,” the report said.

The report identified “an imminent service revolution that will transform CX andservice delivery,” citing the fact that 23.0 percent of respondents could offer a customised experience based on the information and analytics they have about their customers.

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However it also found respondents not well prepared for a scenario where the majority of customer interactions are through digital channels. “Too many organisations ignore the lessons learnt from optimising voice operations,” it said. “It’s as though digital channels are being viewed as a separate challenge, despite the fact it’s the same customers using both digital and voice.”

The report said contact centre operations were lagging far behind in ensuring the same management disciplines applied across all channels. “We’re also seeing a misalignment of targeting priorities at different levels of the organisation. Agents are being targeted in different ways than the operation as a whole which, in turn, isn’t aligned with the strategic objectives.”

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