The case for advanced desktop systems

pre638 the case for advanced desktop systems

The primary tool that a contact centre agent uses when they interact with a customer is their desktop system. It presents them with the information they need to respond to customer enquiries. Through it, the agent accesses all the primary applications and data sources they need to do their job. Ventana Research says that in many cases call centre agents are not well served by these systems.

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The company says it has “done extensive research into the design, structure and operations of contact centres, the work of agents and the general area of cultural engagement.” It has produced an e-book based on this research, Customer Engagement in the Digital Age, “to help organisations understand the challenges of multi-channel engagement and the value of employee desktop systems.”

The e-book makes the point that the multiplicity of channels now commonly used for customer engagement  - voice, email, web, social media, text messages, etc – greatly increases the complexity of the desktop systems that agents have to use.

Its research finds that only 17 percent of agents always meet call handling targets, because of complex customer requests, having to access multiple systems, and difficulty accessing customer information.

“When handling interactions, the vast majority (82 percent) of employees must access not only communications systems but multiple business systems – for example, CRM, ERP, analytic tool and knowledge management systems,” it says. “Almost a quarter reported sometimes having to access six or more systems.

According to Ventana, to meet the demands of handling today's complex interactions, employees require desktop systems that: “allow them to easily share information and collaborate to resolve customer interactions; provide a single view of all customer information, including previous interactions, to help resolve issues; allow access to dashboards, charts and analyses of average handling times, hold times and quality scores so employees can see how well they are meeting operational targets; provide an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface to access information, analysis and systems; provide guidance in real time.”

Needless to say, these requirements closely match its list of the attributes of an advanced desktop system.

However, Ventana says these advanced desktop systems are not solely for contact centres. It says some 28 percent of companies have deployed them in their contact centres and 24 percent in other areas.

And, most importantly, it claims its research shows 36 percent of companies that have deployed these systems have seen improvements in customer satisfaction and net promoter score.

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