Virtual reality: transforming customer experience

Pre635 Virtual reality transforming customer experience

Virtual reality is about to have a big impact on customer experience. Don’t believe that? A quick internet search should convince you.

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Here are the first three hits on a search of “virtual reality” and “customer experience”:

Is The Retail Customer Experience…t To Go Virtual?

Virtual Reality? The hidden gem o…tomer experience

Immersive Customer Experiences: C… Reality is Here

Hit number four gets quite specific on how virtual reality will impact customer experience:

Three Ways VR Will Change Customer Experience.

Here're the three ways.

(1) “Aided by VR simulations, customers can ‘see’ how products will look when used in a broader context. For example, online eyewear retailer offers a virtual try-on app that allows customers to create virtual 3D renderings of their faces. They can then compare multiple glasses and sunglasses side-by-side.”

(2) “Virtual and augmented reality technology can also serve as a handy means of providing more information to customers who want it. Specialty beauty chain Sephora allows customers to engage with custom content by placing their phone over the images of nine female founders of featured Sephora cosmetic brands in windows and display cases. Scanning each image will show content options, such as brand founder interviews, product videos, animated GIFs, YouTube playlists and product pages on”

(3) “It seems inevitable that at some point consumers will be able to browse a virtual representation of a physical store from the comfort of their homes. This could either be a virtualised, real-time simulation of an actual store, or a representation of the assortment of an e-commerce site in a physical store format.”

That inevitability arrived very rapidly. It was predicted on May 13, 2016 (the date of the article).

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On May 19 The Australian newspaper reported: “[Australian retailer] Myer and eBay are leading retail innovation by creating the world’s first virtual reality department store.”

The Australian explained that users require a VR headset, an iOS or Android device and the ‘eBay Virtual Reality Department Store’ app. “Once launched, the user chooses the departments of interest they would like to browse and a custom virtual store is built to reflect the customer’s selections. The customer is now able to navigate through the product range with their gaze.”

And if you want further evidence of the rapidity with which VR is transforming the customer experience, less than two months after that list of three ways in which VR “will” change customer experience, came this article: Virtual Reality has transformed t…tomer experience.It said that the number of companies highlighting virtual reality as part of their business plans had increased 375 percent in a year.

So if you are not investigating how virtual reality can be used to enhance your customers’ experience of your products or services, better start soon, because chances are you competitors are probably already doing so.

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