In search of agent desktop optimisation

Pre646 In search of agent desktop optimisation

Earlier this year we looked at the application of workforce management optimisation (AKA workforce optimisation) to the contact centre, noting “it’s a term you’re likely to hear a lot more of in the context of contact centre operations.”

Now there is ‘agent desktop optimisation’, investment in which, according to research firm Aberdeen Group, is growing rapidly. “Having seen its impact in improving agent productivity and driving customer satisfaction, more companies are planning to invest in this area in 2016 and beyond,” says Aberdeen Group in its October 2015 report Agent Desktop Optimisation: Three…tomer Experience.

So agent desktop optimisation looks like something every contact centre manager should be looking at, but what’s the difference between it and workforce optimisation?

Workforce optimisation, according to Technopedia “is a strategy used in business with a focus on maximum customer satisfaction and benefits with minimal operational costs and supported by integrated technologies, cross-functional processes and shared objectives.”

Aberdeen Group defines agent desktop optimisation as “a technology-driven organisational effort aimed to provide agents with a better ability to use their desktop in order to access the information needed to serve customers in a timely and personalised fashion.”So the goals are pretty much the same.

Aberdeen Group is in no doubt as to the benefits of desktop optimization.

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It says its report “highlights how modern contact centres turn technology into an advantage by optimizing the agent desktop and seamlessly integrating it with enterprise systems such as CRM and ERP.”

It adds: “Companies with agent desktop optimisation programs enjoy 44 percent greater customer retention rate. On average, agents spend 15 percent of their time seeking relevant data and knowledgebase articles via the agent desktop.  One hundred percent of top-performing businesses provide agents with relevant knowledgebase articles available via the agent desktop. Top-performing businesses are 38 percent more likely to seamlessly integrate the agent desktop with enterprise systems.”

It claims investment in agent desktop optimization programs increased by 62 percent between 2014 and 2015 and that “Having seen its impact in improving agent productivity and driving customer satisfaction, more companies are planning to invest in this area in 2016 and beyond.”

The industry seems to have been slow to come to this realisation. Back in in August 2010 Contact Center Pipeline magazine proclaimed: “It’s time to put the spotlight on desktop optimisation.”  It offered “an eight step agent desktop makeover,” saying: “few projects have the potential to improve agent efficiency and service delivery as desktop optimisation.”

Five years later Aberdeen Group said uptake had still only reached 37 percent. For the laggards it offered this advice: ”If your company is in the process of evaluating an ADO program – or currently has one but is aiming to improve its results – we recommend following the three steps outlined in this report to ensure continuous success in empowering agents and driving superior customer experiences: provide agents with easy access to knowledgebase articles; provide agents with visibility into omnichannel customer journey; always enrich customer profiles.”

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