Cloud, employees and mobility: the focus for 2015

US cloud telephony service provider Corvisa polled over 1000 customers for its annual customer service report and concluded that customer service, in the US at least, had improved but that there was still room for further improvement. The No Jitter "Insight for the Connected Enterprise" blog extrapolated these findings to propose its contact centre predictions for 2015. Heading the list was that large enterprises would adopt cloud contact centres.

When a company refuses to take no for an answer

pre432-when-a-company-refuses-to-take-no-for-an-answerWhen Ryan Block wanted to cancel his cable TV service from US provider Comcast he thought a quick phone call would do the job. He was wrong. The customer service rep refused to take no for an answer. Block recorded the call, posted it on the net where it went viral, creating serious embarrassment for Comcast and spawning a slew of advice for the company.

Back to the future on customer service

pre426-back-to-the-future-on-customer-service“Long the subject of ridicule and mockery, customer service is finally entering a golden age,” proclaims the opening sentence of a report - from business process outsourcing (BPO) company, SPi Global - that promises to “uncover the reality of the service experience in today’s ‘age of the customer’.”

Which companies provide the best experience?

For years Telstra has been the company Australians loved to hate. As the country's largest telco with millions of customers every move it makes is news - especially when customers are adversely impacted. So it might surprise you to hear that Telstra has been voted the best customer experience company overall by a poll of Australian consumers as well as the best telco and Internet service provider.

Big brands shamed for poor multi-touchpoint strategies

Forrester Research argues that today’s consumers use a wide range of touchpoints in order to discover, explore, buy and engage with brands; that these touchpoints overlap and influence each other but many companies fail to implement a strategy that makes the experience of customers consistent across these multiple touchpoints.

Hosted comms spend set to equal premise-based

Research firm Frost & Sullivan predicts that, by 2020, expenditure on hosted and cloud-based UC solutions will be close to that of on-premise solutions. F&S forecasts the UC market to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 1.6 percent from 2013 to 2020.

The promise of marketing resource management

It's tough working in customer service and marketing these days. Information technology is revolutionising almost every aspect with new tools, new technologies, and new buzz phrases that either herald the arrival of new and radically different approaches, or are just plain confusing.

So you think you need a contact centre?

For any small but growing business there will come a time when simply having staff answering calls from customers, making outgoing sales calls, responding to customer emails etc will cease to be adequate and the question will be asked: "Do we need a contact centre?"

In search of a differentiated customer experience

The goal of every organisation these days, we are repeatedly told, should be to deliver an optimal customer experience. Beyond that, any organisation that wants to stand out must, Forrester Consulting says, aim to deliver a differentiated customer experience.

Life cycle management: another headache for CMOs


Chief marketing officers have plenty to worry about with the digitally connected customer, the current obsession with customer experience and the demands of digital marketing but now Forrester Research has come up with a new concept that it is calling on CMOS to adopt, urgently: customer life cycle marketing systems.

Spam Act still catching the unwary


It's been over a decade since Australia introduced laws to curb spam, but companies continue to fall foul of it, often unknowingly. The Spam Act was designed to curb the unasked for, unwanted and unacceptable bombarding of consumers with unsolicited marketing email messages and phone calls. It came into force in 2003.

Cloud taking lion's share of contact centre spending


The global contact centre market passed a significant milestone in 2012 says market research firm Frost & Sullivan. That was the year that spending on cloud-based contact centre solutions first surpassed spending on premises-based solutions. And that was two years ahead of Forrester's earlier forecast.

Call centre operators' communications skills are key


The great majority of Australians will tell friends and family to avoid a business if it does not handle their calls well, and two thirds will hang up and call a competing organisation if a customer service rep cannot answer all their questions over the phone.

What is integrated marketing?


Integrated marketing? According to one source it's an approach to marketing invented by an Australian. According to Wikipedia, it originated in the USA, but in reality is it anything more than stating the obvious?

The case for cloud based contact centres

Cloud-contact-centres-come-out-tops-againThe movement of contact centres to the cloud is set to turn into a stampede: 71 percent of UK contact centre decision makers in a recent survey said they were actively considering such a move or were more open to adopting cloud technology.

Telstra CEO's take on customer focus


Reporting recently on an interview with Telstra CEO, David Thodey, the Australian Financial Review pointed out that, in his five years as head of the company, Telstra's market capitalisation had doubled to $66 billion and the company's shares were at a nine-year high.

Get smart about smart process apps

Blink and there's another new buzz phrase in enterprise IT; another category of applications designed to fill a perceived gap in the capabilities of the present plethora of products. Welcome to the world of 'smart process applications'.

Why voice and online need to be integrated


Long gone are the days when voice was the sole means of company-customer contact. Voice has been supplemented with - and in some cases supplanted by - email, web chat, social media. ‘Call centres’ have morphed into ‘contact centres’, but are we underestimating the importance of voice contact and in particular how customers combine voice communication with other channels.