Premier promotes Skype for Business

PRE524 premier promotes skype for business

Microsoft's Australian partner, Generation-e, is hosting a freeone day conference to mark the launch of Skype for Business (the successor to Microsoft Lync Server) in Sydney on 4 June and Premier Technologies will be there as a silver sponsor.

Marketeers anticipating transformation

pre509 marketeers anticipating transformationA worldwide survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit of almost 500 CMOs and senior marketing executives worldwide, 'The rise of the marketer, Driving engagement, experience and revenue', has unveiled expectations of rapid and major upheaval in marketing in the next five years.

Business intelligence must be distributed, says Gartner

pre514 business intelligence must be distributed says gartner
According to research firm Gartner, overly centralised business intelligence (BI) and analytics teams cannot deliver the domain expertise and responsiveness most organisations require. It says organisations should create a two-tier model under which a central team works collaboratively with other teams distributed throughout the enterprise.

Should Net promoter score be promoted?

pel505 should net promoter score be promoted
A recent article on the Smart Company web site described Peter Langham, CEO of Scottish Pacific Debtor Finance, which services the SME sector, as champion of customer service excellence and of the net promoter score as a means of measuring it. But does NPS deserve such reliance being placed on it?

Dirty data deeds

pre443 dirty data deeds
"How dirty is your data" asks Forrester in a white paper with that title. It argues that the practice of gathering customer data and then using it for sales and marketing purposes has evolved over many years in the absence of rigorous controls and usage policies, that this has precipitated a backlash from regulators, which has resulted in what today are well-publicised, and onerous, policies on personal information and privacy.

The customer experience disconnect dilemma

pre516 the customer experience disconnect dilemma
What’s the customer experience disconnect dilemma? It’s the fact that the customer experience is, by definition, what the customer experiences. It is also that which the business strives to create but over which, ultimately, it has no control: experience is unique and personal.

CMOs and CIOs told to sing from the same song sheet

2pre512 cmos and cios told to sing from the same song sheet

Global IT analyst and market research firm, IDC, has pronounced that customer experience will become the number one customer-related priority for organisations in Asia Pacific in 2015 and is telling CMOs and CIOs they will need to partner and align their goals to guarantee success.

How to harness the power of data

pre440 how to harness the power of data
"According to a Nielsen Global Online Consumer Survey of more than 25,000 Internet consumers, people now trust recommendations and opinions from real friends and virtual strangers more than traditional information sources, such as corporate websites and ads."

Another challenge for customer experience management

pre513 another challenge for customer experience management
It's no secret that in today's world of the digitally empowered and multi-connected customer the challenge of managing the customer experience has become massively greater. Now here's another dimension to the problem: documentation.

What will CRM look like in 2015?

pre503 what will crm look like in 2015
US CRM-focussed web site CRM Simplified is very bullish about 2015, saying it will be a dynamic year for CRM, will present many challenges, and therefore many opportunities. It has identified "five important trends to keep in mind," but it seems to see these trends more as threats than opportunities. It offers "some creative ways to overcome them."

Net promoter score: what's it worth

pre439 net promoter score what s it worth
The Net Promoter Score (NPS) has become the touchtone for customer service excellence, widely used across all consumer service industry sectors and with much effort devoted to securing high positive NPS scores. Now, billing software company Amdocs says it has conclusively demonstrated the link between NPS and revenue, for telecoms service providers.

Welcome to the customer experience arms race

pre447 welcome to the customer experience arms race
It’s pretty much a given that customers who have a good experience are less likely to churn, more likely to make more purchases and more likely to recommend a company to others. The hard part is quantifying the correlation between increments of improvement in experience with changes in those aspects of customer behaviour.

Users demanding more from lead management

pre431 users demanding more from lead management
According to Gartner, sales organisations are expecting increased functionality from lead management systems, but integration with the new social media channels for customer engagement is not high on their list of priorities.

The future of customer experience is here. Don't miss out!

pre508 the future of customer experience is here don t miss outPremier Technologies, a market leader in cloud-based and managed contact centre, IVR and payments technology, and Aspect Software, a global leader in customer engagement solutions, are offering the contact centre industry a unique opportunity to explore the future of cloud-based customer experience management.

The contact centre in 2015: what the future holds

pre502 the contact centre in 2015 what the future holds
New Year is traditionally the time for retrospectives and projections from analyst firms, vendors and pundits on their respective industry sectors and the contact centre industry is no exception, with the publication of a lengthy "Executive Report on the Future of the Contact Centre" and "Four Key Trends facing Contact Centres."

The high cost of customer delight

Delighting the customer and optimising customer experience have become the defining mantras for customer service. Achievement of excellence in these activities has become an abiding obsession for many companies. But like many things in this world it's a case of diminishing returns. Reasonable experiences and delight can be delivered with modest effort and expense. Marginal improvements require significant additional investment of resources. The big question is: are they worth the effort?

Digital marketing still in catch up mode


Spending on 'offline marketing' in Australia and New Zealand still exceeds that on digital marketing but digital is catching up fast, especially in the business-to-consumer segment, according to the results of a survey 100 marketing professionals.

Cloud, employees and mobility: the focus for 2015

US cloud telephony service provider Corvisa polled over 1000 customers for its annual customer service report and concluded that customer service, in the US at least, had improved but that there was still room for further improvement. The No Jitter "Insight for the Connected Enterprise" blog extrapolated these findings to propose its contact centre predictions for 2015. Heading the list was that large enterprises would adopt cloud contact centres.

When a company refuses to take no for an answer

pre432-when-a-company-refuses-to-take-no-for-an-answerWhen Ryan Block wanted to cancel his cable TV service from US provider Comcast he thought a quick phone call would do the job. He was wrong. The customer service rep refused to take no for an answer. Block recorded the call, posted it on the net where it went viral, creating serious embarrassment for Comcast and spawning a slew of advice for the company.