Customer experience leadership the McKinsey way

Pre643 Customer experience leadership the McKinsey way

Early in 2016 the Marketing and Sales and Service Operations Practices of global consultancy firm McKinsey & Co published a collection of articles for leaders seeking to deliver state-of-the-art customer experiences. It’s an extremely comprehensive collection. You can find them on the web, or download the entire collection of almost a dozen articles as a 100 page PDF file.

In-depth examination of inbound marketing

Pre642 In depth examination of inbound marketing

It’s difficult to sum up in a few words the eighth annual report on the state of inbound marketing produced by HubSpot, a developer of software to support that endeavour.It runs to 120 pages, most of them crammed with charts graphs, data and statistics derived from HubSpot’s survey of 4,500 respondents from around the world, more than 800 from Asia Pacific, where, according to HubSpot, inbound is seeing significant growth.

Defining the customer journey

Pre641 Defining the customer journey

Customer journey (aka customer engagement journey) is a term much bandied about in discussions about customer service, but what exactly does it mean? The answer, it seems is not straightforward.

Aspect’s Workforce Optimisation scores a gong

Pre639 Aspects Workforce Optimisation scores a gong

Market research and analysis firm Frost & Sullivan has named Aspect Software winner of its 2016 Global Company of the Year Award in the Workforce Optimization Industry, for demonstrated excellence in growth, innovation and leadership.

Delivering a digitally optimised customer experience

Pre640 Delivering a digitally optimised customer experience

Some weeks ago we looked at what one edition of Raconteur — a series of reports published in print and online by UK newspaper, The Times— had made of customer experience and loyalty, in its edition of that name. Raconteur are at it again, but not quite so blatantly.

The case for advanced desktop systems

pre638 the case for advanced desktop systems

The primary tool that a contact centre agent uses when they interact with a customer is their desktop system. It presents them with the information they need to respond to customer enquiries. Through it, the agent accesses all the primary applications and data sources they need to do their job. Ventana Research says that in many cases call centre agents are not well served by these systems.

Raconteur on customer love, loyalty and devotion

pre634 raconteur on customer love loyalty and devotion

Raconteur, in addition to its generic meaning, is the name for a series of reports published in print and online by UK newspaper, The Times. They are claimed to “reach and influence some of the most powerful decision-making audiences in the UK and worldwide, being read by high-level policy-makers, C-suite leaders … and business professionals."

Don’t delight the customer, it’s a wasted effort

pre633 don t delight the customer it s a wasted effort

There’s a new white paper from customer engagement company [24]7 entitled Why Delighting Customers is a Waste of Time and Money. It seeks to refute what it says is a widely held belief: that exceeding customer expectations is unquestionably a good thing; that it leads to delighted customers, and that delighted customers are more loyal.

The go-to place for customer experience insights

pre632 the go to place for customer experience insights

For anyone involved in the business of customer engagement, there’s a very useful that delivers a constant stream of news, commentary, and information on all aspects of customer engagement.

Digital interactions speak louder than words

pre623 digital interactions speak louder than words

2016 looks like being a watershed year in the customer service industry globally: it will be the year in which the volume of digital interactions between companies and customers exceeds voice interactions.

The damage done by poor digital interactions

pre631 the damage done by poor digital interactions

The New Zealand arm of global software company SAP has undertaken what is probably the most comprehensive survey ever of New Zealanders’ views on their ‘digital interactions’ with some of the country’s largest and best known brands – and found several of them wanting.

The perils of poor mobile customer engagement

pre629 the perils of poor mobile customer engagement

Mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – are increasingly replacing desktop and laptop computers as consumers’ preferred means of access to the digital world. In recent years they’ve become cheaper and more powerful. Most importantly, data download costs have fallen and bandwidths have risen with widespread rollouts of LTE and LTE-Advanced mobile network technologies.

Keep quiet, customer contact in progress!

pre630 keep quiet customer contact in progress

Try saying the old tongue twister “What noise annoys an oyster? Any noise annoys an oyster! But a noisy noise annoy an oyster most!” and you’ll likely tie your tongue in knots. But it’s true: noise is annoying, and the louder it is the more annoying it is likely to be. Contact centres are, by their nature, noisy places. How big a problem is this, and what can be done about it?

Renewing the marketing department for the digital age

lan609 in search of edge computing

There’s no end of talk about digital disruption, digital transformation and about their impacts on customer service and marketing: omnichannel; customer journey mapping; customer analytics; etc. What get’s less attention is how marketing organisations need to restructure themselves to adopt and exploit these technology-driven changes.

Customer experience: not for dummies

pre627 customer experience not for dummies

In 1991 IDG Books published DOS for Dummies, a beginner-friendly guide to Microsoft’s PC operating system. That first publication had a print run of just 7500 copies, but it was the beginning of a global publishing phenomenon that now has 250 million books in print spanning 1800 titles. (Although with the availability of online editions that in-print number is somewhat meaningless.)

The pros and cons of self-service analytics

pre626 the pros and cons of self service analytics

Data analytics (Aka big data) is a powerful tool for gaining insights into customer behaviours and trends, but traditionally it’s been the domain of experts – data scientists — who are one step removed from the ‘coal face’ of marketing, customer service and delivering the optimal customer experience. That's changing with the growth of self-service analytics.

In search of the definitive customer experience

pre613 in search of the definitive customer experience

Call centre consultancy Call Center IQ has issued its 2016 Executive Report on the Customer Experience, saying the term ‘customer experience’ possesses universal recognition as a buzz word, but lacks universal meaning as a specific concept. “Absent that specificity, the challenge of mobilising an organisation and driving truly significant improvement will remain incredibly daunting,” it concludes.