Keep quiet, customer contact in progress!

pre630 keep quiet customer contact in progress

Try saying the old tongue twister “What noise annoys an oyster? Any noise annoys an oyster! But a noisy noise annoy an oyster most!” and you’ll likely tie your tongue in knots. But it’s true: noise is annoying, and the louder it is the more annoying it is likely to be. Contact centres are, by their nature, noisy places. How big a problem is this, and what can be done about it?

Renewing the marketing department for the digital age

lan609 in search of edge computing

There’s no end of talk about digital disruption, digital transformation and about their impacts on customer service and marketing: omnichannel; customer journey mapping; customer analytics; etc. What get’s less attention is how marketing organisations need to restructure themselves to adopt and exploit these technology-driven changes.

Customer experience: not for dummies

pre627 customer experience not for dummies

In 1991 IDG Books published DOS for Dummies, a beginner-friendly guide to Microsoft’s PC operating system. That first publication had a print run of just 7500 copies, but it was the beginning of a global publishing phenomenon that now has 250 million books in print spanning 1800 titles. (Although with the availability of online editions that in-print number is somewhat meaningless.)

The pros and cons of self-service analytics

pre626 the pros and cons of self service analytics

Data analytics (Aka big data) is a powerful tool for gaining insights into customer behaviours and trends, but traditionally it’s been the domain of experts – data scientists — who are one step removed from the ‘coal face’ of marketing, customer service and delivering the optimal customer experience. That's changing with the growth of self-service analytics.

In search of the definitive customer experience

pre613 in search of the definitive customer experience

Call centre consultancy Call Center IQ has issued its 2016 Executive Report on the Customer Experience, saying the term ‘customer experience’ possesses universal recognition as a buzz word, but lacks universal meaning as a specific concept. “Absent that specificity, the challenge of mobilising an organisation and driving truly significant improvement will remain incredibly daunting,” it concludes.

Would you take financial advice from a robot?

pre624 would you take financial advice from a robot

There’s a suggestion in a blog post from The Customer Experience Company –- an Australian design and innovation firm -- that changes to financial advice legislation may make formal financial advice more costly and less accessible and that the finance industry’s response might be to provide general information for free by investing in new channels such as robo-advice.

Creating the continuous digital experience, with IoT

pre622 creating the continuous digital experience with iot

Last December Gartner came out with a forecast Predicts 2016: Excellent Customer Experiences Hinge on Continuous Digital Experiences. Here’s a couple of predictions as to what that “continuous digital experience” will entail.

Study shows the growing power of the CMO

pre621 study shows the growing power of the cmo

A worldwide survey of almost 500 chief marketing officers (CMOs) and senior marketing executives undertaken by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) finds the power of the CMO growing rapidly and suggests that CMOs are well on their way to taking ownership of the end-to-end customer experience.

In praise of predictive analytics

pre616 in praise of predictive analytics

“Predictive analytics has come of age as a core enterprise practice necessary to sustain competitive advantage,” proclaims a white paper on the topic. This technology, it says “enacts a wholly new phase of enterprise evolution by applying organisational learning, which empowers the business to grow by deploying a unique form of data-driven risk management across multiple fronts.”

How are you managing your customers’ identity and access?

pre612 how are you managing your customers identity and access

In today’s complex multichannel world where customers interact with companies through multiple digital technologies — and vice versa — simply giving each customer a username and password is no longer sufficient, and the whole ‘technology’ that addressed this are – identity and access management (IAM) — has now evolved into a whole new one: identity relationship management (IRM).

What’s in the Contact Center Pipeline?


US based magazine Contact Center Pipeline claims to be “the industry's leading instructional journal focused on driving success through effective contact center management.” While that’s clearly debatable, the next claim is certainly true, at least for the issue we saw. “Each issue features in-depth perspectives on the call center market, best practices and trends, technology and people issues that impact the customer experience.”

Centralising customer data is a major challenge

pre611 centralising customer data is a major challenge

In two recent posts we’ve talked about a couple or relatively new technologies in the customer relationship/customer experience/marketing armoury: algorithmic attribution and cohort analysis. Underpinning the value of both is data: lots of data, from often disparate sources. As the post on cohort analysis observed in closing: “You can’t define cohorts without data.”

In search of customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping has been defined as “a tool companies use to help them see what their customers truly want – the real moments of truth and the ways in which customers go about achieving their needs.”

ANZ business slow to integrate digital into CX strategies

pre617 anz business slow to integrate digital into cx strategies

The organisers of Australia’s ninth {cslimited}Customer Experience Management Conference{/cslimited}, to be held May 24-26 in Sydney have surveyed more than 50 customer experience professionals across Australia and New Zealand to “uncover the major challenges, trends and opportunities in customer experience now and in the future.”

Quantified self and customer service

pre615 quantified self and customer service

“Quantified self technologies will improve and integrate to win mainstream adopters,” says market research firm, Lux Research. “By 2025, the Internet of Everyone will upend today’s customer relationships and market strategies.”

In search of customer analytics

pre614 in search of customer analytics

It’s a pretty big claim for a little book, but the 51 page Customer Analytics for Dummies says that, by reading it, you will learn to “acquire new customers; grow customer lifetime value; retain customers at risk of defection; enhance customer loyalty and advocacy.”

The pros and cons of customer interaction tracking

The pros and cons of customer interaction tracking

In today’s world of multichannel and omnichannel marketing, where smartphone-equipped customers are just as likely to visit a web site as dial a number, the phone call is perhaps becoming a rather neglected component of the marketing mix.

In search of the optimised workforce

pre608 in search of the optimised workforce

Workforce management optimisation, or more succinctly, simply workforce optimisation is a term you’re likely to hear a lot more of in the context of contact centre operations.