Centralising customer data is a major challenge

pre611 centralising customer data is a major challenge

In two recent posts we’ve talked about a couple or relatively new technologies in the customer relationship/customer experience/marketing armoury: algorithmic attribution and cohort analysis. Underpinning the value of both is data: lots of data, from often disparate sources. As the post on cohort analysis observed in closing: “You can’t define cohorts without data.”

In search of customer journey mapping

Customer journey mapping has been defined as “a tool companies use to help them see what their customers truly want – the real moments of truth and the ways in which customers go about achieving their needs.”

Quantified self and customer service

pre615 quantified self and customer service

“Quantified self technologies will improve and integrate to win mainstream adopters,” says market research firm, Lux Research. “By 2025, the Internet of Everyone will upend today’s customer relationships and market strategies.”

In search of customer analytics

pre614 in search of customer analytics

It’s a pretty big claim for a little book, but the 51 page Customer Analytics for Dummies says that, by reading it, you will learn to “acquire new customers; grow customer lifetime value; retain customers at risk of defection; enhance customer loyalty and advocacy.”

The pros and cons of customer interaction tracking

The pros and cons of customer interaction tracking

In today’s world of multichannel and omnichannel marketing, where smartphone-equipped customers are just as likely to visit a web site as dial a number, the phone call is perhaps becoming a rather neglected component of the marketing mix.

In search of the optimised workforce

pre608 in search of the optimised workforce

Workforce management optimisation, or more succinctly, simply workforce optimisation is a term you’re likely to hear a lot more of in the context of contact centre operations.

Love, data … and algorithmic attribution


“On Love And Data” seems like an odd title for a white paper on customer relationships. The subtitle explains the data bit, but doesn’t seem to have much to say about love: Use algorithmic attribution to define the relationship with your customers.

Matchmaking for contact centre managers

pre549 matchmaking for contact centre managers

Spare a thought for the contact centre manager: their job has changed almost beyond recognition in the last few years as the call centre has morphed into the contact centre, as unichannel has become first multichannel and now omnichannel. Long gone are the days when the primary concerns were ensuring the effectiveness of the IVR system, training contact centre operators and making sure they had the right systems to answer customer queries.

How mature is your customer experience management?

pre550 how mature is your customer experience management

The concept of ‘maturity’ is the latest framework being used to assess the effectiveness and appropriateness of companies’ customer experience management policies and procedures, and there is no shortage of maturity models and methods of maturity assessment to choose from.

In search of omnichannel customer engagement

pre548 in search of omnichannel customer engagementA couple of reports came out within days of each other early in November, both focused on the omnichannel contact centre: the Omnichannel chapter of The UK Contact Centre Decision-Maker's Guide 2015 from ContactBabel and Contact Center IQ’s 2015 Call Center IQ Executive Report on the Omni-Channel Contact Center. They take different approaches and have different objectives, but useful insights can be gained from both.

Winning the customer experience race

pre546 winning the customer experience race
Forrester Research says that regional companies in Asia Pacific can steal a march on their multinational competitors in the customer experience stakes because the multinationals are relying too much on their global brand equity and are failing to localise their customer experience.

Contact centre crystal balling

pre551 contact centre crystal balling
The annual prediction season is upon us. No matter what your interest or industry, chances are some industry observer, research body or executive with a penchant for self-promotion will venture some forecasts for the forthcoming 12 months. Here’s a handful relating to contact centres.

CIOs told to drive customer experience management

pre547 cios told to drive customer experience management

“In Gartner’s 2015 CEO survey, customer experience management (CEM) ranked right at the top of the CEO’s agenda,” proclaims research firm, Gartner. No surprises there, but what Gartner says next is a bit surprising: “The CIO plays a vital role in the customer experience equation and must become a driving force in CEM.”

Customer service? Keep it simple

pre545 customer service keep it simple
“Customer loyalty isn’t what it used to be,” proclaims the foreword in a white paper Customer-Centricity: The Rules of Engagement from analytics company Verint. It continues: “Nokia had a fantastic customer base but then along came Apple with the iPhone…”

Chatting digitally calls for a new kind of contact centre agent

Everywhere you look every business is being urged to ‘go digital’ or go under. Now they are being urged to engage ‘digital chat agents’. But don’t panic – this is not a recommendation to replace humans with robots. It’s a recommendation to engage the digitally savvy to staff the new channels of customer interaction: web chat, social media and the like.

Call centres – What does the future hold?

pre538 call centres what does the future hold
Making projections 10 years out in any industry that relies heavily on information technology (and which one doesn’t) is a tough call, but here’s a few suggestions as to what the contact centre will look like 10 years hence.