CIOs told to drive customer experience management

pre547 cios told to drive customer experience management

“In Gartner’s 2015 CEO survey, {cslimited}customer experience management {/cslimited}(CEM) ranked right at the top of the CEO’s agenda,” proclaims research firm, Gartner. No surprises there, but what Gartner says next is a bit surprising: “The CIO plays a vital role in the customer experience equation and must become a driving force in CEM.”

Customer service? Keep it simple

pre545 customer service keep it simple
“Customer loyalty isn’t what it used to be,” proclaims the foreword in a white paper Customer-Centricity: The Rules of Engagement from analytics company Verint. It continues: “Nokia had a fantastic customer base but then along came Apple with the iPhone…”

Chatting digitally calls for a new kind of contact centre agent

Everywhere you look every business is being urged to ‘go digital’ or go under. Now they are being urged to engage ‘digital chat agents’. But don’t panic – this is not a recommendation to replace humans with robots. It’s a recommendation to engage the digitally savvy to staff the new channels of customer interaction: web chat, social media and the like.

Call centres – What does the future hold?

pre538 call centres what does the future hold
Making projections 10 years out in any industry that relies heavily on information technology (and which one doesn’t) is a tough call, but here’s a few suggestions as to what the contact centre will look like 10 years hence.

Word of mouth: the ultimate measure of customer experience

bit539 in search of cloud governance
“In today's omnichannel world, consumers have many more ways to learn about and purchase products and services — such as through websites and social media, in a store, and on a device while on the go — than they have had in the past,” says the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), in a new report: {cslimited}
What Really Shapes the Customer Experience{/cslimited}.

The move to customer self-service

pre542 the move to customer self service
Australians love their mobile phones, and the smarter they get the more we love them. Apart from their long established voice and short message applications we use them for email, as our diaries, cameras, game devices, train timetables, video screens and much, much more.

Customer service: the problem and the solution

pre543 customer service the problem and the solutionA couple of studies on customer experience came out last month that neatly complement each other: Next-Level Customer Experience: Designed by Your Customers, Delivered by Your Business, from Call Center IQ and The Customer Service Revolution from DMG Consulting.

When delivering a good customer experience doesn’t matter

pre539 when delivering a good customer experience doesn t matter
You don’t have to dig very deep into contemporary business literature to discover the current obsession with ‘customer experience’, or more specifically, the quest for the optimum customer experience. Less often is the question asked: How much does this matter?

Contact centres: the big picture

pre534 contact centres the big picture
Technology and the growing obsession with ‘customer experience’ are combining to transform the contact centre. A new study makes an ambitious attempt to define the new role of the contact centre and set out what businesses can do to optimise the performance of their contact centres.

See what a data management platform can do for you

pre533 see what a data management platform can do for you
Have you heard the term ‘data management platform’? No, well read on because, according to software giant Oracle, data management platforms (MDPs) are the cornerstone of a collaboration between advertising technology and marketing technology, and represent “the perfect combination to help marketers deliver great customer experiences and more effectively drive revenue for their businesses.”

Five ways to leverage IoT for customer relationships

pre531 five ways to leverage iot for customer relationships
Last week we looked at how The Internet of Things (IoT) — the growing trend to have widely deployed sensors communicating data to computer systems that make decisions based on that data — would likely change the way many goods are sold and supported by enabling the supplier to constantly monitor the product and convert a one-off sale into an ongoing service relationship.

From sell-and-forget to long-term relationship: how IoT will change customer service

pre530 from sell and forget to long term relationship how iot will change customer service
The Internet of Things (IoT) — the growing trend to have sensors in everything communicating data to computer systems that make decisions based on that data — is tipped to be a greater disruptive force than the Internet has been. No area of endeavour will be spared: customer service included.

It's complicated - customer interaction channels multiply

pre519 it s complicated customer interaction channels multiply
Research commissioned by Opus Research and published in its report,  {cslimited}Sequencing the Omnichannel Customer Conversation{/cslimited}  suggests that customers now regularly use four of five different channels in their engagement with suppliers. The relevant importance they attach to these and how they shift from one to the other creates a bewildering array of options that customer experience professionals have to cater for.

New tools needed for new age contact centre agents

pre516 new tools needed for new age contact centre agents
Forrester Research says that a profound change is sweeping through the contact centre industry: where once experienced agents were fonts of knowledge, able to answer the majority of customer information requests 'off the cuff' they increasingly expect to access that information from repositories available through the system.