How Cloud-Based PMS helps you handle multiple POS outlets efficiently

Sample this – Hotel A has 50 rooms and is mainly dependent on room revenues to stay profitable. Reason – it has only one restaurant, and the management finds it difficult to integrate the traditional server-based PMS with their restaurant POS system. Due to this, they have to manually update the front desk with restaurant bills and other incidental charges to add to the guest folio. Is not it a time-consuming task that can lead to errors like billing discrepancies and even sometimes loss of revenue?

5 alarming signs that tells you that your hotel cloud PMS needs an upgrade


Regardless of the era, hotels have always had a way to manage their operations- be it registers, excel sheets, legacy systems or the more modern cloud-based Property Management Systems. For each ‘already existing’ system to be replaced with a newer, more relevant upgrade, necessity has played a huge role. And this still holds true. Agreed, PMS has pretty much been accepted and adapted globally as the most efficient way of managing hotels, but this is just one battle won!

How to improve hotel operations with data and how Cloud Hotel PMS helps

In today’s digital era, Data is power. It enables you to gain competitive advantage in the market. Today, almost all industries grow by using data. Hotel industry is struggling hard to be in pace in this data driven business environment to manage hotel operations. When a Hotelier doesn’t know how to collect, analyze and put data into action to improve hotel operation, it becomes tough to survive, let alone strive.

Why online hotel reservation system is important for an hotel

Finding the most suited online hotel reservation system for your property can be a herculean task, given the number of options one is presented with. This is why it is important to understand those features of a hotel reservation system that are absolute must-haves. But before that, it is essential to know the basic characteristics of a hotel reservation system, so you don’t confuse the basic features with the must-haves!