How is technology revolutionising the catering and hospitality industry?

As of July 2017, Airbnb had over 150 million users worldwide, and JustEat had 17.6 million active users. Foodie and hotel apps, as well as the likes of Deliveroo, are becoming the new big thing in the catering and hospitality industry. The sector recognises the demand to offer a platform that users are familiar with — and the demand for an easier, quicker process that digital technology can deliver. For instance, it is now possible for consumers to have Michelin Star food delivered to their home — and you can now book, reserve and check in at a hotel without needing to speak with the hotel directly.

The best hotel management system solution for your property


The world is adopting various new technologies to make their life better and easy. So,hospitality industry is also not an exception. This industry is moving toward hotel management systemthat makes your hotel operations more easy, better and accurate.

5 technology tips for new hotel businesses


The hospitality industry is undergoing a complete metamorphosis. A range of alternative accommodation providers (such as homestays, serviced apartments, resorts, Bed & Breakfasts) is increasingly competing with hotels for the same guests. These days, guests make informed decisions, know the kind of services they want and are quick to leave their feedback and voice their opinion online.

Your checklist for the best hotel management system for independent property

hotel property management system

For a hospitality business to run seamlessly, they require an extremely efficient hotel management system. The right management system ensures whether the daily operations of a hotel run smoothly or not. The main mistake many properties make though is not only in finding the best system, but also ensuring that the system is used to its full potential.

Tips for attracting business travellers to your hotel

Hotel industry is extremely dynamic and every guest has unique needs. Business travelers are an important market segment for hotel owners as they are frequently jet-setting all across the globe for work. And this is the reason which makes them a highly reliable market segment.