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The world is adopting various new technologies to make their life better and easy. So,hospitality industry is also not an exception. This industry is moving toward hotel management systemthat makes your hotel operations more easy, better and accurate.

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The world is adopting various new technologies to make their life better and easy. So, the hospitality industry is also not an exception.

This industry is moving toward hotel management system Make an Inquiry about this news that makes your hotel operations more easy, better and accurate. There are numbers of hotel management system emerging in the market as seeing the demand.

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So, when an hotelier thinks to own this technology there is a lot of confusion in their mind that which is the best hotel management software which will fulfill all requirement of my business. Let us discuss some question which will help to choose best from available in the market.

Is there an option to choose the module and customize product which is according to your hotel business?

There are many modules in complete hotel management software, some of the main modules are.

  1. Front Office Management
  2. Group Management
  3. Guest Experience Management (GEM)
  4. Housekeeping Management
  5. Maintenance Management
  6. Marketing Management
  7. Multi-Property
  8. Online Booking
  9. Point of Sale (POS)
  10. Reservations Management
  11. Reviews Management
  12. Central reservation system (CRS)
  13. Inventory management
  14. Employee Management
  15. Account management
  16. Channel management

Product must have above feature as an option to choose as per our requirement.Each property is different and hence functionality and requirements are also different. One may have no need of some of the above listed module but cost is included for that in a complete solution.

So, user should have flexibility to choose custom module and pay accordingly.

Does it easily integrate with other equipment?

Hotel management software may need to integrate with other equipment’s software such as printers, wake up alarms, telephone modem, Room lock, scanner, passport reader, CCTV etc. Integration with equipment automate various operation of hotel and prevent work loss caused by memory slip. 

Is it compatible with various global distribution system and online travel agents (GDS/OTA)?

Today online travel agents control large parts of the market, and there are hundreds of online travel agents existing in this field and each hotel wants business with them. This is a cumbersome task so, there must be system to manage these online channels.

Today property management system has separate module for that called channel manager.

Channel manager:

It manages bookings from various channels including online travel agent, booking engines, and booking from hotel itself. It controls the overbooking, low booking and rates change for different channels.

Beside above feature hotel management system provider must have many other small but necessary features and qualities. We can take example of AtulyamHotelline Solutions one of the best, providing all features that we have discussed till now and as a complete solution provider they also provide followings

Support  24x7 Online Support

Dedicated support service and well-trained industry experienced personnel are at your service. You have options to connect with us anytime, anywhere.

Onsite Support

Provide onsite support if needed.

Online Training

Our training process has been designed for greatest simplicity and efficiency-enhancement. We offer training for the full product.

User Manual

Provide user manual which is simple and easily understandable. Detailed functioning of full product and covering each module.

Audio/Video tutorial

Provide video with audio tutorial explaining each functionality screen wise in detail.


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