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Integrated Channel Manager with PMS is the best bargain for hoteliers – Here is the Hotelogix offer


Does your Hotel PMS helps you to automate your daily operations, increase efficiency, reduce costs and saves time? Does it support real time integration through channel manager? If not, read here to know why channel manager integration is crucial for your business.

As a hotelier, are you taking full advantage of today’s cutting-edge hospitality technology platforms to automate daily operations, increase efficiency, save time, reduce costs and avoid errors? Does your Property Management System effectively help you attain all the above-mentioned benefits?

If your answer is “No”, then chances are, your PMS lacks the most essential characteristic and capability – seamless and real-time integration. So, it’s time to change your approach, if you want to gain competitive edge to serve guests better and to stay profitable in the long-run.

And when we talk about the benefits of an integrated offering for hoteliers, the crucial integration between a PMS and Channel Manager tops the list. Let’s see why this integration is paramount for hotel operations –

Real-time and automatic update of inventory & rates across multiple OTAs

With one click from your PMS, you can update inventory and rates across OTAs.

And reservations made on any OTA will reflect on your PMS in real-time, making sure that there is no discrepancy on the availability of rooms on various channels. Similarly, this integration updates reservation cancellations/modifications on all the sales channels. In simple words, your hotel’s updated inventory and rates get reflected across all channels.

Helps you save time and reduce errors

Just imagine the amount of time you would have to spend when you have to log into each OTA’s extranet to update rates and inventory, every time a booking/cancellation/modification happens! Integrating your PMS with a Channel Manager helps you automate the otherwise cumbersome process of updating OTAs with rates and inventory; Meaning you no longer have to log in to the extranet of each OTA to do the same. This not only helps you save a significant number of man-hours but also helps you avoid errors that might lead to loss of business.

No more overbooking and double booking

Overbooking and double booking are massive challenges for most hoteliers. It happens when you accept bookings without having a clear picture on how many rooms are sold, how many of them are vacant and how many of them are under maintenance during a specific time period. However, you needn’t be worried about such issues when your PMS comes integrated with a channel management software.

As your inventory gets updated on all the channels your hotel is connected to, you get to know in real-time how many rooms to sell. Thus, you can avoid both overbooking and double booking, both of which are major contributors to guest dissatisfaction that could potentially tarnish the brand image of your hotel.

Your brand’s online visibility gets a boost

Yes, this is true and is quite important in today’s competitive hotel business when you plan to reach out to more guests in different geographies. To achieve this, you need to increase your hotel’s online visibility and that’s where this integration helps you. You need to identify the specific regions you want to target, connect with leading and popular OTAs of those regions and be assured that the integration will do the rest of the job for you. And when you get to attract more guests, you garner more bookings to earn more revenue.

To help you achieve all the above benefits, we are offering you a channel manager for free. You just need to sign up for Hotelogix cloud PMS and we will take care of the rest.

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